The Weirdest anime you should definitely watch

The Weirdest anime you should definitely watch

I personally like exploring anime. This week, I stumbled upon a weird anime. Yes, I am talking about “The Promised Neverland”. With a google search, you might wonder this anime looks basic, it looks like it is made for kids, why would I watch an anime with kids?

But that is not the case. Your mind will flip once you watch the first episode of this anime. In this article, you will read about the weird plot and the review of The Promised Neverland. 

Major Spoilers Ahead

Why The Promise Neverland is weird and Why you will love it?

So the main plot starts in an Orphanage. The main head of the Orphanage is “The Mother”. The mother is responsible for feeding the children, educating them, and developing their IQ. Every child is supposed to take part in a weird IQ Test. The environment inside the Orphanage is full of harmony and learning. Sounds like a normal Orphanage?

But the truth is far darker than anyone has ever expected. The world outside is filled with Demons. The Demons require the Human Brain to sustain themselves. The Orphanage that we are talking about is actually a Human Meat farm. Emma and Norman, the two lead characters of the anime discover the sad and horrifying truth in the first episode. The children are raised properly, and the weird IQ test is actually shipping orders. The one with the highest score gets eaten last and that is because the more IQ the more tasty and sustainable the brain is. The maximum age one can survive in this Orphanage is 12. Many children get shipped out at the mere age of 5. They expect that they are being adopted but the truth is they are being prepared for the demons from their births. Once they reach a certain age. They are killed and then get exported to the demons. 

The entire plot is filled with horrifying and thrilling moments. But it’s not at all gross (except the human meat concept). You can watch this anime safely. It’s an entertaining anime with a fast-paced plot. The story is quite interesting and the animation is really good. The Promised Neverland currently has 2 seasons. The second season is ongoing and I guess the plot will be finished by the end of the second season. 

Of course, you can read the manga. But I prefer waiting and the animation. So we can say that this anime is weird but in a good way. 

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How can Emma and Norman save every child in the orphanage? You need to see the anime if you want to witness the entire plot. You can watch this weird anime on Netflix. If you don’t have a subscription, then obviously Putlocker is here for the rescue. 

If you are an Otaku, then visit the Post page of Putlocker. It has some really great informative theoretical anime and movie blogs that you will surely like.

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