The Weekend’s Best Drama/Comedy Movies

The Weekend’s Best Drama/Comedy Movies
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First Reformed

USA, 2017

Director Paul Schroeder’s critically and critically acclaimed film tells the story of an army chaplain. Toller, that’s the hero’s name, mourns for his soldier son who died in the Iraq war. The hero’s religious beliefs are very weakened by the loss of his son, but it is not at all easy when his parishioner Mary comes into his life. She, in turn, seeks support as her husband, an ardent conservationist, forces her to have an abortion, believing that it makes no sense to bring a child into our dying world. Paul Schroeder said in an interview that this is the movie he has been striving for 50 years. And once he started working on the script, everything came together. The cast also worked out well, with Ethan Hawke and Amanda Seyfried in the lead roles.

The Rider

USA, 2017

Another film that garnered a flurry of positive reviews is the western drama directed by Chloe Zhao. Interestingly, you won’t see any familiar names in the credits, because the main roles in the film were played by novice actors. The story revolves around Brady Blackburn. The main character lives a poor life together with his father and younger sister, who has autism. The boy’s only passion is horseback riding. Brady is a rising rodeo star, a horseman whose talent is given from above. However, the life of a tough modern cowboy does not light him up after a serious head injury. And he’s willing to go against his family, doctors, and their prognosis to pursue his dream.

The Tale

USA, 2018

Abused people’s brains often play tricks on them and substitute memories to keep them from experiencing pain. That’s what happened to Jennifer, a successful journalist, and filmmaker. When her mother finds an essay written by her daughter at age 13, Jenny begins to recall the years buried in the corners of her memory, when she learned horseback riding and interacted extensively with her trainers, a young woman, and her lover. Jenny also recalls who her first man was. She was 13 years old. Critics have been very flattering about the film since it premiered at the Sundance Film Festival, especially praising Laura Dern’s performance. And don’t worry, the intimate scenes were played by an adult actress, though, it may still be uncomfortable to watch.


USA, 2018

Marlo, the protagonist, is preparing with her husband for their third child. Seeing how difficult motherhood is for her, her brother suggests she hire a night nanny. Thus, in the family of Marlo and her husband appears Tully, a 26-year-old girl who loves to take care of the children, watching the night feedings and cleaning the house while everyone is asleep. With her help and support, the protagonist gradually comes to her senses. For a while. This movie is a must-see for anyone planning to have a baby. And the first, second, and third – as the heroine Charlize Theron. And better yet, you should show it to your partner to make him realize how much he needs support for a mother whose typical day is like Groundhog Day, and in fact for any person who has exhausted his inner resources.

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