The Six Best Psychological Thriller Movies of All Time

Psychological Thriller Movies

The Belko Experiment 

2016/Thriller, Horror, Action/USA 

The core of the experiment on the people in this picture is 80 office workers, who are forced by some unknown voice to kill each other to survive. A bloody, paranoid story about a situation that anyone can find themselves in and which, perhaps, is a metaphorical statement about the structure of our civilization. 


2017/Thriller, Sci-Fi, Action/USA 

The plot of the new movie with Gerard Butler is equally unusual and believable. He talks about a special system of satellites that were supposed to protect the Earth from natural disasters, but for some reason, she began to provoke them herself. Someone noticed that the planet has long been trying to throw off annoying humanity. But this film especially clearly shows how tenacious and cunning we are. And we oppose any cataclysm with our ability to survive and look for ways out of hopeless situations. 

Orbiter 9 

2017/Drama, Romance, Sci-Fi/Spain 

Not all space and futuristic blockbusters are filmed exclusively in Hollywood. The Spanish-Colombian picture contains both dystopian images of megacities of the future and incredible communication technologies, as well as interiors in the Kubrick tradition, hinting at the exploration of extraterrestrial spaces. And against the background of all this, the southern passions beloved by all of us boil between beautiful and very beautiful people. 

Gogol. The Beginning 


It would be unfair not to mention the Russian film, whose creators rethought the story of a famous writer and created not a biopic but a real fantasy thriller. The main roles are played by Oleg Menshikov and Alexander Petrov, who have already created a brilliant duet in the blockbuster “Attraction.” However, the tape tells about the youth of Nikolai Vasilyevich, who comes to the village of Dikanka to investigate a series of crimes in which otherworldly forces are involved. 

Resident Evil: The Final Chapter 

2016/Horror, Action/USA 

We already know how it all ended and what secret the image embodied by Milla Jovovich kept for us. But even in retrospect, this story makes even those for whom the Resident Evil brand never meant anything wince. The sinister experiments of a large corporation, terrible zombies, bloodthirsty giants—all this is part of a big plan, which was very pleasant to reveal in its various details, first on game consoles and then in the movies. 

Get out 

2017/Horror, Mystery/USA 

Black guy Chris travels to his girlfriend’s family estate to meet her parents. Worried about the interracial issue, he feels uncomfortable around a white family but does not even represent the true extent of the threat. Since his anxiety is fueled by clashes with other African Americans who act like lunatics and are missing in their hometowns. 

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