The Reason behind Netflix and Amazon Prime’s Success

Movie and TV Shows are the best forms of entertainment. People love the websites that offer new movies instantly, without any charges and at the comfort of your home. This is the main reason why so many people love sites like Putlocker

But what is the reason behind the popularity of websites like Netflix and Amazon Prime?


Movies and television industry sell their content to Theatres, TV, blue-rays, DVDs, and finally on online streaming websites. This increases their profit.

They also sell the content license to different countries.

Services providers like Netflix have always targeted a certain group. If we talk about 5 years back from now, the content of Netflix was not available worldwide, but they changed their policy and it became popular in nearly every country. Today Netflix is available in 196+ countries

Netflix and Amazon are famous because they provide:

  1. A Good User Interface
  2. Latest Movies and engaging TV Shows
  3. Can be accessed on Smart TV’s, Phone and Desktops
  4. Advertisement Free

Netflix has become popular worldwide. It has started the culture of OTT in every region. Netflix can be considered as an improved and better alternative to Cable TV. Amazon Prime has also gained popularity.

These premium websites can easily provide you with lots of entertainment. Meanwhile, sites like Putlocker and other pirated websites are full of ads, can inject viruses in your system, can steal your data. They don’t even have great user navigation and user interface plus the quality of the movies is bad. This generally irritates the customer, that is why they are subscribing to premium OTT Platforms.

Antipiracy companies track websites worldwide. They ban torrent sites as well as streaming sites and also arrest uploaders who upload movies on the website and charge huge fines. Streaming Movies is also illegal
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