The Oscar-Winning Movie Soundtracks of the Decade: 1990

1990 Oscar-Winning Movie

Intimate Stories

2002/Comedy, Drama/Spain, Argentina

Robert Altman is one of the unique authors who managed to win all three major festivals in the world during their career, and, say, “Short Stories” is the laureate of Venice and one of the best Altman films, with which everyone seems to agree. But in the US, Altman was almost never understood or appreciated, he was too complicated for the American audience. Therefore, for this picture, he was nominated as the best director, but they still did not give him the award because they considered that Spielberg’s work in Schindler’s List was stronger.

Jurassic Park

1993/Adventure, Thriller/USA

First, Spielberg shot “Alien”—and the film became the world box office record holder, so that in a few years it was overtaken by the film of the same Spielberg, only a good-natured weirdo from another planet was transformed there into huge dinosaur monsters from earthly origin. The film set a new bar for the technical quality of blockbusters and, in addition, it was terribly scary, although the dinosaurs were not computers or puppets. Anyway, without this film, the 90s is impossible to imagine.

Mrs. Doubtfire

1993/Comedy, Drama, Family/USA

Let the film itself be shot very simply, in a family way, but Robin Williams played in it simply inimitable. Here he is both an unsuccessful actor and a lonely elderly nanny, ideal with children, but completely unbearable with his own wife’s boyfriend. The cynical jokes he/she makes while dining with Pierce Brosnan’s posh hero can be a major barrier to watching this great movie with kids.

Pulp Fiction

1994/Drama, Crime/USA

A watershed film that clearly divided cinema into before and after Pulp Fiction, A masterpiece of postmodernism, a killer of the classic gangster movie, this picture turned the minds of millions of moviegoers. His masterpiece, Tarantino, was never able to surpass (“And who could?”-he once joked gloomily). The Oscar for this film, which is perfect in every respect, went only for the best screenplay.

Three Colors: Red

1994/Drama, Melodrama/Switzerland, Poland, France

The best film of the trilogy, “Red,” did not receive anything at either the Oscars or the Globe. But the great director Krzysztof Kielowski hardly needed such awards, they would not have added anything to his lifetime or posthumous fame, because after The Three Flowers he had no time to shoot anything. “Blue” before that received “Gold” in Venice, “White” -“Bear” for directing in Berlin, and “Red” in Cannes was simply in the competition, but even there it was clear to everyone how grandiose the work “Three Colors” was. except for those who vote for the Oscars, as is often the case.

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