The Oscar Family’s Greatest Movies of the Nineties

 Oscar Family's Greatest Movies of the Nineties

The Shawshank Redemption

1994/Crime, Drama/USA

This film, in an absolutely inexplicable way, occupies the first lines in all kinds of audience ratings in the USA, Russia, and other countries. Either the people’s love for Stephen King affected them, or some mystical factors intervened, although there is no mysticism in this Stephen King story. Unknown. However, academics did not understand this either, and out of seven nominations, including the main one, the film did not win anything.

Burnt By the Sun

1994 / Comedy, Drama, Historical film / France, Russia

For some, after this film, Nikita Mikhalkov ceased to exist as a director. Someone, on the contrary, only now realized how great an artist there is in post-Soviet Russia. But we have to admit that no one filmed the era of the Great Terror better than Mikhalkov did. Perfect cinema in every frame and every dialogue.

The Lion King

1994/Adventure, Animation, Drama/USA

Among Disney cartoons, this one stands apart. Perhaps he was the only one who could claim the main prize because in terms of its drama and scope it is in no way inferior to good feature films that were awarded prizes for the best film at the Film Academy. An amazing, dark, musical, and funny story with Shakespearean passions and a platinum soundtrack.

Ed Wood

1994/Comedy, Biopic, Drama
Tim Burton’s challenge that Hollywood didn’t accept. So, the biography of Edward Wood, a director who made very bad films, is executed almost flawlessly. Miracles’ reincarnation shows Johnny Depp. Since In the role of the second plan, Bill Murray shines in an unexpected way. The Wood Freaks Gallery is designed as a community of lonely hearts. All this “Oscar” was considered and awarded to… the elderly Martin Landau for the supporting role and makeup artist.

Leaving Las Vegas

1995/Melodrama, Drama/USA

Mike Figgis does not always shoot experiments for a narrow circle of fans and critics. “Leaving Las Vegas” is perhaps his most simple and best film, but at the same time, the best. At least Nicolas Cage has never had such a profitable role again. Since For her, he received a statuette, and the Film Academy was greedy with the rest.

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