The Office review

When it comes to sitcom, the office is the rule of this genre. The Office represents the age of Modern Sitcoms. Sitcoms that are awkward, insecure, no laugh tracks, and simple plots. 

I used to love FRIENDS. It was funny until I watch The Office. FRIENDS is a funny show with some unique jokes, but it feels scripted and the laugh tracks annoy me. 

What makes The Office so special and why you should watch it

  1. Premise

This show is set around the environment of the office. The office can be a boring and dull place. But this show has transformed that dull place. The office is dull but the characters that work in the office are hilarious. They have their own goals, they often fail, they have a boss who is too attached with the office and often annoys the staff members. They have a salesperson, Dwight Schrute who is a weird guy, but somehow this show makes you fall in love with Dwight. If you want to be blown away with top-level comedy then this premise is perfect for you.

  1. Characters

The characters of this show are the heart of the office. We have Michael Scott, who is the manager of the branch and often annoys the workers or acts too dumb. We all can relate to him. He is the best character of the show for me. His character development is perfect. Dwight Schrute is a weird guy with his own rules and his own way of doing things. Jim is the awkward sales guy who knows everything and stares in the camera. Pam, Kevin, Oscar, Angela are also worthy characters. 

These characters are not special. They are just some office workers living their dull life and making the best out of it. 

  1. Comedy Style

The comedy style of this show is perfect for today’s era. The comedy is in the awkwardness, the dullness, the weird situations, some offensive jokes, and natural acting. The show feels so natural and there are no laugh tracks. Each episode will make you laugh, emotional, and have some impact. 

The first season of this show is very different from the later seasons. If you are going to watch this show then don’t judge the show based on the first season. Give it some time. It has a total of nine seasons. You can watch this show on putlocker for free. If you are in India then Amazon Prime would be best for you.

Give this show a try. Follow this website for more entertainment suggestions and tips. 

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