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The News of The World – Movie Review

This film “News of the World” has everything, it needs to be an Oscar winner, to be an academy award winner and to be one of the greatest movies we’ve seen in the last 10 years.

This film is Tom Hanks’ table for Paul Greengrass, the director of films like the Bourne films and Captain Phillips. A movie which was nominated for six academy awards.

The News of the World just came out in most countries this week although it came out in cinemas in the USA a few months ago. We were eagerly anticipating it because we love anything with Tom Hanks in it.

In our opinion, he is one of the greatest actors of all time. So this movie, it’s a western set in 1870 and everything looks fantastic. The film looks spectacular but you’d expect that from a big budget Hollywood film. 

It’s  got a pretty good soundtrack as well and you’ve got Tom Hanks in there which guaranteed some good acting. Paul Greengrass has shown his credentials down the years, he’s a very good filmmaker. 

News of The World – Synopsis

Since we have watched this movie, we found that this is a great movie. This is a journey movie, a type of movie we’ve seen time and time again more or less the basic structure of these types of movies or a character has to get from point a to point b and somewhere along the way.

He’s going to have some troubles ultimately getting to where he needs to go and there’ll be some type of resolution at the end which defines if this journey movie is good or bad. We stated Tom Hanks is all time favorite of many but he’s out shown in this movie by the little girl who’s played by an actress whose name is Helena Zenger. 

She’s been nominated for a golden globe for best supporting actress and it’s highly possible she could be into running for the best supporting actress, Academy award nomination as well which is coming out fairly soon. 

She’s really good in this movie especially for someone who has to play a person who can’t communicate and has to find a way to communicate without using words. She’s very good and very convincing in this movie and definitely wants to stand out.

Tom Hanks’s performance is solid all the way through the movie and can’t expect any less from Tom Hanks.

We really enjoyed the movie but ultimately felt at the end, it’s a little bit light. We are not going to run through the story as we don’t want to spoil it but as per our assumption most people are watching this or have watched the movie and have their own opinions. 

The best part of the entire story is seeing the bond of girl and Tom grow. However , we’ve seen this type of thing before. 

Two characters who are locked together for a short period of time and their relationship grows over that journey. 

Journey movies are nothing new so what does this movie do to set itself apart from other journey movies? 

This movie is good. It tells a good clear story with some good acting in it. The pacing is pretty good, it’s got some action in there not Jason Bourne level of action but it’s got some action in there and the story is interesting 

Final Words

Ultimately after the credits rolled, we felt like thinking about the movie and ultimately feeling a little underwhelmed and here’s the overall thing with this movie.

It’s good, it’s not spectacular. The scene in the abandoned town isn’t going to call it when Tom Hanks is telling the news but he’s not telling the news that the guy wants them to tell, the guy chases him outside town, got tom hanks on the ground and he’s holding the gun over him. 

There’s good suspense in those types of scenes, the action is very well done and as said a lot of this movie is very well done. 

It’s kind of an overdone thing of the journey movie. The thing is for this type of movie for this journey movie where a character has to get from one place to another place it’s kind of generic  

In our opinion it’s a 7 out of 10 movie, solid, very good entertaining to watch but a movie we won’t probably ever watch again in my life. 

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