The Most Documentaries Films on Netflix You shouldn’t Miss

The Most Documentaries Films on Netflix You shouldn’t Miss
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My name is Francesco Totti

Yet another documentary lands on Netflix, this time by Alex Infascelli and based entirely on the life of champion Francesco Totti. Absolute flag of Rome, the first and only football team in his entire career. He is a champion even off the pitch. Also known for his charity joke books and for marrying showgirl and presenter Ilary Blasi, he is a popular icon also known outside Italy. Documentary maker Infascelli is no stranger to works of this genre, having previously directed S Is for Stanley – Thirty Years Behind the Wheel for Stanley Kubrick.

The absolute protagonist is Totti himself, in all his spontaneity and sincerity. In fact, he is the narrator that connects the thread of the story to the images, which offer scenes of his intense life, from the first wearing of the Roma shirt to the heartbreaking and painful abandonment of the world of football, which took place in 2017. Presented at the Rome Film Festival Rome, the documentary is the winner of a Silver Ribbon, a David di Donatello and the Flaiano Prize.

Baggio: The Divine Ponytail

Netflix confirms its passion for documentaries, with a film and documentary production which also combines the world of football. After the great success of Speravo de morì prima, of its competitor Amazon Prime Video. The streaming giant tries to beat the competition with another story of an Italian football hero: Roberto Baggio. Her life of simplicity, sacrifices, respect, and love for family and sport, with certainly appreciable results.

One of the brilliant Andrea Arcangeli played the role of Divin Codino, who, without an experience in the United States, played the most important role of his career. Alongside him, on the screen. We also find Valentina Bellè, Thomas Trabacchi, Andrea Pennacchi, and Antonio Zavatteri in the role of Arrigo Sacchi, Anna Ferruzzo, Simone Colombari, and Martufello in the role of Carlo Mazzone. The docu-film is one of the most anticipated of the season: it is not enough to see it and find out if it meets expectations!


Directed by Dexter Fletcher. This musical film is an extraordinary biography of Elton John, told from his beginnings at the Royal Academy of Music to his greatest hits of the 1980s. Produced by Elton John himself, his story is a very long flashback. Which gives viewers the intimacy of his difficult adolescence, made up of family dramas and long tears. But his talent with the piano will be a reason for him to continue to emerge in an increasingly difficult life. Between homophobia, low self-esteem, and a personal situation increasingly in balance. The young musician is told without filters and without censorship.

To play the pop star a talented and unrecognizable Taron Egerton, winner of a Golden Globe for his extraordinary interpretation. Accompanying him on the screen also Jamie Bell, Richard Madden, Bryce Dallas Howard, Gemma Jones, and Tate Donovan. The film received an Academy Award for Best Song and was censored in Russia, Egypt, and the Samoa Islands for numerous references to the singer’s homosexuality. Undoubtedly one of the best-recommended movies on Netflix.

Munich: The Edge of War

Initially planned for 2021, the documentary released in January 2022. Christian Schwochow directs a screenplay by Ben Power, which in turn takes inspiration from Robert Harris ‘ Munich novel. The story takes place in 1938, the famous year for the Munich conference. The protagonists are two friends, exponents of two different political factions and coming from two different nations. One German, the other English, they see a common front to try to reduce and contain Hitler’s madness. Also present was Neville Chamberlain, British Prime Minister, and Winston Churchill’s predecessor.

The cast sees George MacKay and Jannis Niewöhner stand out in the lead roles. They are accompanied by the experience of Jeremy Irons, who plays Chamberlain, and Ulrich Matthes. Who instead plays the ungrateful role of Adolf Hitler. Together with them also Sandra Hüller, Liv Lisa Fries, August Diehl, Jessica Brown Findlay, and Mark Lewis Jones.

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