The Misfits Movie Review

We just watched The Misfits. We usually like to start our reviews on a positive whether we like the movie or not. We always sit down here before we roll the cameras and just say all right what were the good points of the movie, what were the positives to take away from that and then we start the review on that. Then from there we talk about the things we didn’t like.

The Positives of the Misfits

It eventually ends as a very good positive. The thing is everyone gives Hitler a bad rap but at least he painted sometimes. There’s something because a confusing mess doesn’t even sum this movie up at all.

It’s a heist movie where it involves thieves that are breaking into a prison to steal a whole bunch of gold except apparently we can’t just have our thieves be thieves anymore apparently that’s not a thing they’re good guys somewhat like Robin Hood who steals from the rich and then give to the poor.

That’s what our group of thieves are and it tries to sell you on it so hard that it knocks you over the head like it practically beats you over the head with it because in the beginning of the movie we get Nick Cannon narrating the fact that he’s a thief and he goes to steal from these security lock boxes.

He steals from bad guys who have insurance and then what he does is, he gives that money to like say the wife where the husband was stashing his own money to not give child support and he’s like no he gives that money to the wife and this sums up our group that no they’re thieves but they’re the good guys.

Characters of the Misfits

There are many lovable characters in these films some of them are just bad people because they’ve got a skill set. We don’t like Jason but Jason’s the only guy that knows the tech system stuff. They can make all the robots stop at the right time and he’s got some lovable qualities with this one.

It’s not even like they were clever, it’s just a vague thing. They want to do good stuff with it because war’s bad. What’s wrong with just stealing gold because they were doing it for everyone?

We didn’t understand reason what they were selling us that they’re all hardcore bad guys. For example: The Asian girl hates men, she beats up people and she’s not a good person but also she is a good person because she steals money to give to the poor and it was this contrast that absolutely made no sense

Then you involve Pierce Brosnan’s character. He’s just a good old-fashioned thief and when they approach him for the job and they say listen we want to steal this gold and he’s like “yeah, okay cool. What’s the cut? I want quite a big cut.”

“oh no no! We’re not keeping the money we’re giving it away and he was so confused” just like We were confused because their motives made no sense whatsoever. Then on top of that which confused us even more that they’re living this lavish lifestyle.

We’re talking about supercars, fancy hotels, flying on private jets but we’re not doing it for the money we’re going to steal it and give it to the poor.

The Misfits Plot

It’s okay if their whole intent was we’re good guys and we’re going to give it to explain it for 10 minutes and get on with the rest of the movie do something interesting at least even if your characters aren’t likable make the plot fun but half of this movie is literally just Nick Cannon narrating why everyone’s a good person and that’s why we said they were beating you over the head with it because at the same time the bad guy Schultz was his name and he was the one that was running the prison and he was hoarding the gold for an even more bad guy they made sure that you knew he was bad guy.

It was a case of we’re stealing this gold so we don’t fund terrorism so like our cause is so just and then we get one scene where Schultz is on the phone. He’s at some hotel talking over the phone while holding his gun, and he was holding the gun for no apparent reason.

It was in a hotel there were people around him but no he’s holding this gun and he’s waving it around just to make sure that we know this guy is bad. The movie tells you that he’s bad but it never shows you, him being very dominating because he’s supposed to own and run these very secure prisons which Bronson keeps breaking out of your scoundrel but this guy’s supposed to be a bad guy. He runs these prisons every person, he speaks to thinks he’s a joke.

Even when they’re busy stealing his gold, he literally sees them dropped gold in front of him. He came across as so incompetent because while the heist was taking place, every person he spoke to treated him as if he was just a stranger and this is supposed to be super evil bad guy whose prison is his and nobody is taking him seriously and the way he was reacting to everything that was going on was just sudden that he got a safe full of gold and then all of a sudden.

We look and said safe and the gold is gone when he looked in the empty safe he just looked and he’s like “oh bollocks! Could you imagine an undercover boss episode with him where he’s like you’re doing your job wrong?

Hoarding this gold for an even worse terrorist guy like this dude is super evil. He had a gold statue, a cane with a bird that’s made in gold and he beats people with it super evil bad guy.

He’s keeping this guy’s gold in his prison he’s got an entire entourage when he’s walking around but he didn’t station one guard outside the vault. He didn’t even have an extra security camera outside the vault it was just completely unprotected the incompetency of Schultz and his prison management.

There are no words because it felt like when we talk about the plan and a heist, movie is only as strong as its plan and usually in heist movies they do the setup they give you a little bit of setup like this is what we’re going to do. This is your job and this is your job. They start off like that and then as the movie passes you introduce some problems to improvise this one.

They just said this is your job this is your job then they don’t do their job. They just start doing some random explosives and when the heist finally takes place it became so busy. The filmmakers might have thought if we’re going to do a heist movie, we’ve got to have a twist a double cross, a triple quark cross and then a quadruple cross but every single twist that had happened during the heist we were staring at the screen with our jaw open and eyes open.

Nothing made sense, It couldn’t keep up because they also set up to give you a specific example. They set up one thing where the main plan is we’re going to get the prisoners sick and we’re going to sneak the gold out through these gerties and melt the gold but the problem is every time the plan doesn’t work but then suddenly it does work.

There’s literally so much we could do an hour-long breakdown of first of all the incompetency of the writers. They were stars that we didn’t like that much.

It was ridiculous all right so can we talk about just how unfunny this movie was. We didn’t laugh once and it’s playing itself as this fun heist movie with lots of comedy and zany characters everyone in this movie was bad and Pierce Brosnan for example – he’s meant to be the lead star and if you look in the trailer he looks so cool, he’s like this awesome ultimate thief. Brosnan is too old to do shirtless scenes there’s a scene where he’s suave and he sleeps with a young lady. Then they have a scene of him dressing in his muffin top and his belly.

Concluding thoughts – The Misfits

A big no. we want our money back. We’ve reviewed a lot of movies and never outright properly even movies. We’ve probably written here well and don’t think we’ve properly explained just how ridiculous the plot is how so many things didn’t make sense.

We need a lot more efforts to explain this movie it just no just don’t watch and waste your time. But still if you want to watch we suggest our own website for free movie i.e. Putlocker.

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