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The Marvels

Marvel Studios’ show “The Marvels” has ended its adventure with cinema distribution. Unfortunately, the label has no reason to celebrate. The film is already officially the worst-selling Movie of the MCU cinematic series.

How Much Did The Show “The Marvels” earn?

“The Marvels” was originally commissioned as a sequel to “Captain Marvel” which remains one of ten Marvel shows with at least $1 billion in grosses.

Ultimately, the film continues the threads not only from the “Captain Marvel” movie, but also from the “WandaVision” and “Ms. Marvel” series. The whole thing was shot during the COVID-19 pandemic, which significantly increased costs. “The Marvels” is said to have had a budget of over $220 million.

According to the latest reports, the final result of “The Marvels” is $205.8 million. and, only $84.5 million comes from USA.

Thus, the 15-year-old “record” of the “Incredible Hulk” show was broken. Until now, it was the worst-selling MCU film ($265.6 million) and the only one with global receipts below $300 million.

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