The Highest Action Movies To Watch Now on Netflix

The Highest Action Movies To Watch Now on Netflix
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The Warriors 

Directed by Walter Hill, this 1979 film marked the history of cinema. Based on the novel of the same name by Sol Yurick, tells the compelling story of some criminal gangs in New York, in a truce to fight against police control of the streets. Despite the deal, the leader of the Warriors kills a rival, unleashing a manhunt that lasts throughout the film. To complicate matters also the investigations of the police, are directed toward the search for the murderer and the conclusion of the wars between gangs. 

The incredible success of the film is certainly due to the iconic cast, which includes Michael Beck, James Remar, Dorsey Wright, Thomas G. Waites, and Mercedes Ruehl. Despite the absence of relevant awards, the film quickly became a real cult. Following its release, in fact, a franchise was born that includes video games, remakes, TV series, and an infinite amount of giveaways and quotes. Undoubtedly one of the best-recommended movies to watch on Netflix. 

The Fugitive 

This 1993 action thriller that we put on Netflix’s list of recommended films takes inspiration from the series The Fugitive, which aired in the 1960s and was inspired by a true story. After finding his wife dead and catching her killer red-handed, doctor Richard Kimble is sentenced to death as the only culprit. But this terrible injustice finds a turning point when, after the accident on the vehicle that was transporting him to prison, Kimble manages to escape. And it is there that he begins the hunt for the man who killed his wife and who risked having him wrongly convicted. 

Directed by Andrew Davis, it sees prominent names in the cast, such as Harrison Ford, Tommy Lee Jones, and Julianne Moore. Very positively received by critics, he received several Oscar nominations, seeing Tommy Lee Jones triumph for best-supporting actor. In 1998 Arnold Kopelson produced a spin-off of The Fugitive, titled US Marshals, where the action is told from the point of view of the pursuers. 

Jason and the Argonauts

Also known as Jason and the Argonauts, Don Chaffey’s 1963 film is inspired by Jason’s writing The Argonautic, which is an adaptation. The film tells the journey of Jason and his Argonauts, who risk their lives and make a thousand adventures aboard the Argos ship to reach the much-desired Golden Fleece. The epic will allow them to explore the borders of the world and to get to know lands and people hitherto unknown. The feature film perfectly creates the epic and mythological atmosphere, also thanks to the excellent special effects of Ray Harryhausen. 

Todd Armstrong lends the face of the protagonist Jason, who is joined by Nancy Kovack, Gary Raymond, Laurence Naismith, Niall MacGinnis, Honor Blackman, Nigel Green, Jack Gwillim, and Patrick Troughton. Many of these actors play the famous Greek gods of mythology, such as Zeus, Hera, Hermes, and Hercules. In Italy, there was already a similar production, entitled I giganti della Te Paglia, dating back to about three years earlier. 

Mission: Impossible

Now in the fifth chapter of the saga, Tom Cruise (as usual also producer) seems to have finally found the right dimension. After the first episodes that saw masters such as Brian De Palma and John Woo in the control room, the superstar decided to rely on skilled craftsmen who have the only ambition to make a good film. This is the case of Christopher McQuarrie, longtime screenwriter and former Cruise collaborator in “Jack Reacher” (2012). 

Agent Ethan Hunt, we all know, is destined to fight alone against super forces that would like to annihilate him. In this adventure, he will try to take down the Syndicate, an obscure criminal agency, but to do so he will not be able to count on the Impossible Missions Forces because it has been dismantled. Alongside him will line up only the loyal, from Simon Pegg and Ving Rhames. As you can imagine, Cruise’s always neat packaging and spectacular stunts will do the rest. 

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