The Grossing Thriller Movies Of All Time To Watch Now

The Grossing Thriller Movies Of All Time To Watch Now
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The Ice Forest

Finally, in this list, there is room for an Italian film. Directed by Claudio Noce and produced by Matteo Rovere, director of Veloce come to il Vento, the film was released in 2014 and stars Emir Kusturica, Ksenia Rappoport, and Adriano Giannini. The film is prop in Northern Italy, in a small village on the Slovenian border. Pietro, a young specializes technician, is call to repair a fault in the plant but suddenly he will find himself overlook with a strange disappearance. A strong clash, therefore, arises between the young Pietro and two brothers, Lorenzo and Secondo, who work and live in that area. Once Peter discovers the origin of the secrets hidden in the valley, all tensions explode. Thus begins a game of distorting mirrors in which no one, not even Lana, the bear expert, is immune from suspicion.

The film got two nominations for the Nastri D’Argento in 2014, one of which for photography, which shows a new side of northern Italy, made of expanses of snow, power plants, and underground mines. It has not been very successful but it is certainly a different approach to Italian cinema, with a good plot, and a good search for tension and suspense. For these reasons, we would like to recommend this film.


Predestination is a 2014 film, directed by the Spierig twins and starring Ethan Hawke. In the film, you play the role of a government time agent who uses time travel to hunt down a mysterious terrorist christened by the Fizzle Bomber press. The film is categorized as a science fiction thriller, as the film will deal with space-time travel, paradoxes, and parallel lives while keeping the narrative form of the thriller genre. Until the second half of the film, we don’t quite understand where the script is headed, as it shows us the time agent, with no name, in a bar.

He will hear the story of John, who tells the story of a young woman named Jane. At some point, however, everything will begin to make sense, apparently, because after the first certainties or logical links, the story goes on and the viewer begins to doubt the things seen previously, until the ending that will completely upset him. In short, if you are looking for a thriller that is a little different than usual, which embraces science fiction but also the genre of psychological thrillers, this is the film for you.

The Rovers

David Michod, Australian director and author of Animal Kingdom, presented his film The Rover in 2014 at the Cannes Film Festival, starring Guy Pearce, Robert Pattison, and Scott McNairy. It is a film halfway between a thriller and a road movie. The first things we notice from the vision are the expanses of deserts of Australia. In fact, the film takes place in a post-apocalyptic near future, in which Eric, a lone traveler, loses his car, the only asset he owned. A local gang stole it from him, Eric decides not to rest until he finds his car. Accompanying him will be Rey, a young boy, a member of the gang, who manage because he deemed unable to move, having a leg injury.

The film convinces in many respects, first of all, the staging and the screenplay. We find a road movie that never loses its rhythm, which keeps the viewer’s attention active until the end. The interpretations are very good, especially that of Guy Pearce and Robert Pattinson, who seem to have resurrected after collaborating with Canadian director Cronenberg. The photography is very beautiful, with the contrast between the red of the desert and the blue of the night, reminiscent of cult classics such as Mad Max: Fury Road.


Nightcrawler – The Jackal is a film and directed by Dan Gilroy in his directorial debut. Interpreted by an immense Jake Gyllenhaal, the film deals with “scacalli”, or in journalistic jargon those freelancers who try like vultures to capture the news, whatever the cost. Lou Bloom is just one of them: shortly after looking for various jobs without success, Lou decides to buy a camera and go around the city of Los Angeles in search of strong images to sell on the news. Like a modern-day Travis Bickle from Taxi Driver, Lou Bloom prowls the night streets, having landed a job that allows him to survive.

The film is a great critique of the world of advertising and how news is generally handle, but it also shows us a complex and ruthless character, a jackal to be precise. A man trained by himself, studying at home, and with precise ethical and moral principles that lead him to seek success in any way. In preparation for the role, Gyllenhaal lost 10 kg in order to play this scrawny man who hardly ever blinks. Thanks to the excellent writing, the film received an Oscar nomination for best original screenplay.

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