The Greatest Horror Witches Movies to Stream Now

The Greatest Horror Witches Movies to Stream Now
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2007 / Adventure, Thriller / UK

The sun is fading, and at the dawn of 2057, life on Earth is doomed to extinction. The ship “Icarus-II” must deliver valuable cargo to the fading star in order to “restart” it again with the help of an atomic bomb. On approaching the target, the crew receives a signal from Icarus-I, the first expedition to the Sun, communication with which disappeared several years ago. Deciding that the rescue mission will only double their chances of success, they veer off course. But on the way, the Icarus II suffers a breakdown, forcing the crew to land on an abandoned ship. Now they have to save not only humanity but also themselves.

Under the skin

2013 / Drama, Thriller / Switzerland, USA, UK

Very often on the highway connecting Glasgow with the capital of Scotland, you can find an inconspicuous minivan. A green-eyed brunette is driving the car. With her beautiful appearance, she lures men who need to get to the city. However, they never reach the place, because the girl, being an alien, abducts people to kill them in a very unusual way. How long will the outrages of an extraterrestrial civilization in the vicinity of Glasgow continue?

Total Recall

1990 / Thriller, Action / USA

The film, starring Arnold Schwarzenegger, is based on Philip Dick’s short story “We’ll Remind You of Everything”. June 2084. Builder Douglas Quaid regularly has dreams in which he is on Mars, accompanied by a cute brunette. After seeing an advertisement for Recoll, which promises a wonderful vacation through the implantation of memories, Douglas decides to take such a “journey”. But during the transplantation of memories, it turns out that the operation affected the area of ​​​​memory that was erased earlier.


1997 / Drama, Thriller / USA

The possibilities of genetic engineering of the future have gone so far that when planning a child, you can choose his gender, eye color, and talents, and get rid of ailments and negative qualities. Babies born traditionally are considered inferior: they are prone to disease and vices, and their life expectancy is much less. Although the law prohibits genetic inequality, it is widespread and closes the way for the “unfit” to high positions. The protagonist is born naturally, but, having colossal willpower, decides on a risky adventure.

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