The Greatest Horror Thriller Movies Of All Time

The Greatest Horror Thriller Movies Of All Time
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The Ward

John Carpenter’s latest effort, The Ward, is a very special psychological thriller and certainly worth seeing. Starring the gorgeous Amber Heard, the film is once again set in a mental hospital. Kristen, after setting fire to a property, ends up inside her even though in her eyes she is innocent. Over time, she will get to know the other girls residing in the building and, together with some of them, she will devise a plan to escape. But nothing is certain, indeed the certainties in this film are constantly collapsing.

Produced on a small budget, this film is more than valid. Indeed it leaves many films of the same genre with a Hollywood production in the dust (all references to Zack Snyder’s Sucker Punch are purely coincidental). Here Carpenter amazes again. After nine years of inactivity, and investigates important issues such as rejection, guilt, mental illness, and treatments. Patients have to undergo within the structures where they are confined.

Curiosity: the film was shot in a real psychiatric hospital, and many scenes of the film were shot with real patients inside. So much so that the protagonist. Amber Heard told in an interview that she was really worried and scared by the place.

Black Swan

Thanks to this beautiful thriller by Darren Aronofsky, the protagonist Natalie Portman will win the Oscar for best actress. Black Swan is a masterful example of a modern thriller. The film shows the fragile and delicate sides of the mind of the dancer Nina Sayers. Who fights against a possible neurosis given by her own instability and the difficult relationship with her mother. The film is loosely based on the novel by Fedor Dostoesvkij, The Double. The theme is the possible doubling that takes place in Swan Lake, in which the protagonist dancer plays both the white and the black swan.

The director focuses on the tormented character of Nina. Bringing suspense and paranoia that manages to keep the viewer in tension for the duration of the film. Arriving at the end of the film, probably there will be no certainties, indeed there will be doubts that only with other visions can they be filled. The metaphorical and visionary style of the Danish director brings new life to the thriller genre. Which in this case takes place in the dance environment, where competition and tenacity are the order of the day.

The Ghost Writer

A ghostwriter ( Ewan McGregor ) receives a proposal as interesting as it is thorny: to deal with revising and correcting the autobiography of former British Prime Minister Adam Lang ( Pierce Brosnan ). Who retired to private life on an island in the USA with his wife, assistants, and bodyguards. The writer accepts the job. Thus replacing the previous ghostwriter, who died under mysterious circumstances following a fall from a ferry. Once on the island, the protagonist will witness a crescendo of burning and dangerous situations. Lang is accused of having delivered prisoners suspected of terrorism to the Americans and having allowed their torture. Moreover, during his research, the writer will discover political ties and unacknowledged secrets of international significance.

Roman Polański returned to thriller in 2010, adapting Thomas Harris’ The Ghost Writer for the big screen. Creating a valuable Hitchcockian work with political, espionage, and psychological implications. Deceptions, secrets, and betrayals follow one another in a really well-thought-out and direct narrative puzzle and lead to an unexpected and surprising ending. To underline the excellent performances of Ewan McGregor, Pierce Brosnan, Olivia Williams, and Kim Cattrall. The film received international critical acclaim, receiving the Silver Bear for Best Director at the Berlin Film Festival and six prizes at the European Film Awards.


We continue the list of the best thriller movies to watch with an atypical film. Directed by David Cronenberg, one of the best American directors still alive, and stars Robert Pattinson, who leaves ephemeral roles like Twilight to embrace more important projects. The film we are talking about is Cosmopolis, based on the novel by Don DeLillo, released in 2012 and presented in competition at the Cannes Film Festival. The film deals with the story of Eric Packer, a billionaire boy who has to cross New York sitting in his limousine to visit his trusted barber. There is no real reason, he decides to go suddenly but hasn’t come to terms with the obstacles that the city puts in front of him.

The film slowly progresses through Eric’s journey. On paper, it’s a thriller, but the film is much more. A philosophical reflection on the present day and on today’s society. On the other hand. we know Cronenberg, a philosopher director, and author of films such as The Fly, Videodrome, and Crash. We, therefore, advise everyone to watch this film, to overcome the obstacle of the slightly slow film, to turn on the brain and reflect during the film.

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