The Greatest Hollywood Thriller Movies Ever Made

The Greatest Hollywood Thriller Movies Ever Made
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Windfall (2022)

A strange man, literally a nobody, breaks into an empty house and enjoys its comforts, then prepares to leave after erasing all traces of his visit. In a wave of greed, he heads back to retrieve some valuables, but before he can get out he is interrupted by the sound of an approaching vehicle. The owners of the house – a wealthy CEO and his wife – arrived without any kind of warning. The stranger runs into the couple and tries to rob them, but his game won’t stop there… In Windfall by Charlie McDowell, Jason Segel plays the character known as Nobody. Lily Collins and Jesse Plemonsthey are exceptional in this psychological journey that started from an encounter that uncovered some dark secrets.

Windfall is not just a thriller, but at times features comedy and satire on the rich. It is a film in which Segel is the worst thief in the world who, despite not being too threatening, seems to be able to control his hostages. Director McDowell, also co-writer of the film, weaves the story by giving great importance to the place where the film stood hits. Segel, Plemons, and Collins are all protagonists of good interpretations. Windfall is a thriller film to watch, fast-paced and unexpected.

The Black Phone (2022)

In a small town in the 1970s, a psychopath nicknamed the Raptor kidnaps and tortures young boys. Finney Shaw, a shy but smart 13-year-old boy, is kidnapped by the sadistic killer and trapped in a soundproofed basement where yelling is useless. When an unplugged phone on the wall starts ringing, Finney finds he can hear the voices of the killer’s previous victims, all hell-bent on making sure what happened to them doesn’t happen to the boy as well. Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness director Scott Derrickson moves from Marvel to focus on breathtaking thriller/horror. Ethan Hawke is brilliant and the very young Mason Thames and Madeleine McGraw find their place in the world of cinema thanks to their skill.

Hawke gives a very creepy performance and sets up some very tense dialogue sequences between him and his very young colleague. Black Phone is a film that conquers the audience and forces the viewer to look beyond, the soundtrack and the interpretations themselves. For fans of this hybrid genre between thriller and horror, this is a decidedly unmissable title.

Death on The Nile

Poirot is on holiday in Egypt when he meets his old friend Bouc. He too is on vacation, with his mother Eufemia, to attend a wedding party. The newlywed couple, Mr. Simon Doyle and Mrs. Linnet Doyle – the splendid heiress to a large fortune – surprise Poirot. A few weeks before the party, init had seen Simon himself in a London club, engaged to Jackie de Bellefort, a childhood friend of Linnet. In Egypt, the festivities are shortly believed by Jackie, who appears to stalk the new couple out of spite. This greatly upsets Linnet, already surrounded by hostile guests due to her wealth. Linnet charters a cruise ship that will take them down the Nile and Poirot joins them to make her feel safe. Something happens on the ship, however, and soon everyone will begin to doubt everyone.

Kenneth Branagh’s version of the famous Belgian detective created in the pen of Agatha Christie returns for another round of suspicion and paranoia. In this adaptation, everything is not as it seems. This story is the combination of the mysterious puzzle that the characters go to compose. The director balances the character-centric style created by the author with the expectations and needs of the modern viewer. Together with the cinematographer, Branagh creates in Murder on the Nile a vibrant and vibrant world, full of color, in which the moving camera gives the scenes extra energy.

Dark Glasses

An unknown figure threatens the luxury escorts. His modus operandi involves waiting outside hotels to then brutally strike and kill. The clues about the culprit are not long in coming and all the evidence leads to a man who moves aboard a white van. Diana is also among the killer’s victims, but the attempted murder fails. To escape certain death Diana has a terrible car accident that leaves her blind. Here begins the woman’s ordeal of growth, escape, and self-knowledge.

After ten years, Dario Argento is finally back. The cinematographic darkness of the director lasted a few years, while the darkness is destined to accompany the life of the protagonist. The film has an old-school matrix that emerges from the simplistic construction of the scenes and free direction of the actors, rather schematic and set. The direction goes to the essentials, not bothering to show violent details or jets of blood, aiming instead at suggestive moments. The main plot of Black Glasses is linear and gives the viewer sporadic clues to locate the killer before the official revelation. While not without its flaws, the product of the master of thrill-seeking return is a thriller film to behold.

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