The Five Best Funniest Comedy movies of All Time To Watch Now

The Five Best Funniest Comedy movies of All Time To Watch Now
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(1975) comedy / Drama

How to enclose in a few lines all that Paolo Villaggio has told through Fantozzi , his most iconic character? Impossible. Just as it is impossible to choose one of the films of the saga that for almost 25 years has accompanied the audience with a thousand laughs. The list is decide to include the first of the films in which Villaggio plays the unfortunate accountant, Fantozzi from 1975. The film is directes Luciano Salce and was includes in the list of 100. Italian films to save, assuring Anna Mazzamauro a nomination for the Silver Ribbons.

Villaggio manages with a few strokes to create a “mask” in which millions of Italians are able to recognize and identify with. Fantozzi takes everyday, normal events and exaggerates them allowing the public to somehow exorcise their fears and neuroses.

A simple accountant and humble employee of the megacompany, with a tired wife and a daughter too ugly to be true. Each element of the saga has become iconic over time. Years later, everyone happens to think of Accountant Filini when listening to someone make a mistake in the subjunctive. The disturbing Miss Silvani represents poor Fantozzi’s ideal of a woman (and more generally of a whole male category) as unattainable as she is desires .One of the comedy films to see absolutely if you want to laugh lightly. But it must be emphasized that the gags are never as trivial as they might seem at first glance.

Murder by Death

(1976) comedy /Crime /Mystery

Murder by Death is one of those comedy films that you never get tired of watching. That has aged very well over the years. Robert Moore directs an exceptional cast in which the names of Peter Sellers. Peter Falk, Alec Guinness, Maggie Smith and David Niven stand out. Halfway between mystery and true comedy, the film is inspired by Agatha Christie’s story Ten Little Indians. Lionel Twain invites five of the most skilled and famous detectives in the world. To his luxurious and gloomy castle and presents them with a challenge. At dinner, Twain announces to his illustrious guests that a crime will be committed at the stroke of midnight. Both the victim and the culprit are seated at the table and whoever solves the mystery will receive a large sum of money as a prize.

Very hilarious and classy comedy, Invitation to dinner with crime intelligently ridicules many of the sacred monsters of yellow literature. The five protagonist detectives are in fact caricatures of classic figures such as Hercule Poirot, Miss Marple and Sam Spade . Between mysteries, deceptions, twists and jokes, Robert Moore’s film involves and entertains thanks to brilliant writing and splendid performances by all the actors in the cast . A true comedy classic to see and see again.

Ecce Bombo

(1978) comedy Drama

Ecce bumblebee’s the second feature film directes Nanni Moretti, the film was presents in competition at the 31st Cannes Film Festival. The curious title of the work derives from what a ragpicker. Is say to have shouts as he wanders through the streets, a character that the director presents in one of the scenes of the film. Moretti at the time believed he had made a dramatic film For the few, mirroring a small part of the generation of the time. What came out instead is a full-fledges comedy film. With sketches and jokes that still have a great hold on the public today. The director is convinces that he has made a painful film, which told only a small portion of the youth reality of those times. The result obtained, however, was the exact opposite.

The sufferings and anxieties of the main character always take an unexpected comic vein that will make the viewer laugh. The film tells the story of Michele, Mirko, Vito and Goffredo, four ex-1968 friends. Michele tutors high school students, has difficult family relationships and a complicated relationship with his girlfriend, and more generally with the female world. The four, tired of wasting time without accomplishing anything in their lives, decide to hold self-awareness meetings to resolve their dissatisfactions. Despite the good intentions they will end up indulging in talkative, and hilarious, digressions without reaching anything.

1941 – Alarm in Hollywood

(1979) Action /Comedy /War

1941 is perhaps the most unusual film in Steven Spielberg ‘s rich filmography . Made with a very considerable budget for the time, it did not enjoy particularly positive feedback from the US public . This failure at home was mainly due to the fact that the film ridiculed both the United States military and many of the fundamental values ​​of American society. 1941 fared better in Europe, although it grossed lower than the average Spielberg film.

Robert Zemeckis and Bob Gale write the screenplay while the cast brings together big Hollywood names, among which those of the protagonists Dan Aykroyd and John Belushi stand out , for the first time together on the big screen. The story is partially inspired by the collective hysteria that struck the . United States at the thought of a possible Japanese attack directed at the West Coast . In particular at Los Angeles. The story begins a few days after Pearl Harbor when a Japanese submarine receives the order to launch an attack on Hollywood, a true symbol of American society. Neurosis spreads in California and people begin to behave insane and absurd; meanwhile the submarine restarts after having missed the target.

The Airplane

(1980) Comedy /Drama

This film was not appreciates by the critics at the time of its release, but over time it manages to take its revenge. In 2000 the American Film Institute decides to place it in 10th place in the ranking of the hundred best American comedies of all time; ten years later it is selectes for preservation in the National Film Registry of the Library of Congress of the United States. An exceptional cast headed by an irresistible Leslie Nielsen guarantees laughter throughout the film. To underline the presence of Kareem Abdul-Jabbar then a professional basketball player, who played the second pilot. Another peculiarity is the presence in the end credits of Otto, the inflatable autopilot, protagonist of numerous gags during the film.

Each character in the film perfectly represents a stereotype, managing to extrapolate the most comical and fun part. Ted Striker (Robert Hays) hates flying and can’t stand airplanes due to his trauma in Vietnam. But when her girlfriend decides to leave him and board a flight as a stewardess he decides to follow her.

The problems for the protagonist are only at the beginning, due to food poisoning the pilots will not be able to do their job. Ted, on the other hand, is fine, defeating his fears. He manages to pilot the plane and miraculously take him to his destination, regaining confidence in himself and in his loved one.

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