The Book of Eli will get a series. John Boyega Instead Of Denzel Washington

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Do you remember the 2010 film “The Book of eli” starring Denzel Washington ? John Boyega , one of the stars of the new “Star Wars” trilogy, remembers him well. And now he will produce and play the main role in its prequel, which will take the form of a series.

“The Book of eli”. What do we know?

The Book was a post-apocalyptic western directed by brothers Albert and Allan Hughes. Gary Whitta is writing the script. In addition to Washington, the cast included Gary Oldman, Mila Kunis and Ray Stevenson.

The Original film took place in 2044. The post-apocalyptic landscape of destroyed America is traveled by Eli (Washington), a loner and a freelancer. The man has a mysterious book which contains the “key” and knowledge necessary to save humanity. During the journey, the hero finds himself in a small town run by its mayor, the tyrant Carnegie. The despot, wanting to take total power over people, tries to gain possession of the book at all costs.

Details of the series “The Book of Eli” are not known yet. All we know is that John Boyega will play a younger version of the hero, and the action will take place 30 years before the events of the film.

The new series will be created and written by original writer Gary Whitta . The Hughes brothers are also associated with the project. For now, as executive producers.

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