The Best War Movies Based on True Stories and Events

The Best War Movies Based on True Stories and Events
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Freaks Out

Gabriele Mainetti (2021)

Fulvio, Mario, Cencio, and Matilde are four circus artists, four freaks of the Circus Mezzapiotta run by Israel. Fulvio has extraordinary strength and is covered with hair from head to toe, Mario is a human magnet, Cencio is the lord of insects and Matilde has the power of electricity. We are in Nazi-occupied Rome after the 1943 armistice and when Israel mysteriously disappears – kidnapped or on the run? – the four freaks will do everything to find the one who for them is in effect a father figure, as well as the only one to have accepted them for what they are. But on the trail of the four artists, there is the terrible Franz, a cruel and mad Nazi and a freak himself, determined to capture them and bring them the gift to Hitler.

Presented in competition at the last Venice Film Festival, Gabriele Mainetti’s second feature film is an ambitious film, with international aims and inspirations, which mixes drama with comedy, the genre of war with action and adventure. Certainly, derivative and quotationist, Freaks Out makes no secret of its sources of inspiration and brings something unusual and courageous to the Italian scene. It won’t have the groundbreaking reach of Mainetti’s feature debut, but it’s definitely a must-see movie on Amazon Prime Video.


Leonardo Di Costanto (2021)

In a nineteenth-century prison in the process of being abandoned, the prison police officers celebrate the closure of the structure. There are very few inmates left, as well as police officers. While the small group of inmates awaits the transfer to a new prison, unexpected news arrives: the move must be postponed to a later date due to a bureaucratic problem. Day after day, the waiting leads to a gradual and constant crumbling of the rules and the prisoners give life to a new form of community.

Leonardo Di Costanzo directs this film to see on Amazon Prime Video presented in Venice 77 and awarded at the David di Donatello 2022. There is a great tension that mounts and rises throughout the duration of the film, starring Silvio Orlando, Toni Servillo, and Salvatore Ferracane, together with a great capacity for investigation of the characters in all their nuances. The writing is flawless, as are the cast’s interpretations.

Thirteen Lives

Ron Howard (2022)

Thirteen Lives is a chilling retelling of the rescue mission of twelve boys and their coach, who gets stuck in Thailand’s Tham Luang. The Thai caves, contrary to their extraordinary beauty and charm, are the greatest danger to the life of these guys who wanted to have fun. Unpredictable rain and floods cause the cave to fill with water, threatening their lives. Thirteen Lives is a tribute to courage, much more than a simple chronicle of what happened in those days. The film boasts big names likeColin Farrell, Viggo Mortensen, and Joel Edgerton.

Despite Ron Howard’s love of formal artifice, the film is almost devoid of superficial deceptions. Every emotion is raw and the pain and anguish of these kids literally emerge from the screen. The reason Thirteen Lives works are that it is compelling and filled with moments loaded with great emotional strength.

Don’t Make Me Leave

Hannah Marks (2022)

Don’t Let Me Go Away is about a single father, Max (John Cho), who when he discovers he has a terminal illness decides to live his last months to the full to recover all the moments he will not be able to live with his teenage daughter. Wally (Mia Isaac). Max manages to convince Wally to follow him on a trip from California to New Orleans for his 20-year graduation reunion with his former college friends, where he hopes to have her meet her mother, who had them several years before her. abandoned. Don’t let me go away is a very original road movie, an exciting and fun journey into the father-daughter relationship, told from their respective points of view.

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