The Best Thriller and Mystery Movies To Watch With Family

The Best Thriller and Mystery Movies To Watch With Family
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Gone Girl

Gone Girl is the latest film by the famous director David Fincher. Who has repeatedly demonstrated in his career that he is capable of directing excellent thriller films? Today, we recommend the latest effort directed by him, starring the legendary Rosamund Pike and an unlikely Ben Affleck. Already from these assumptions, we can confirm that the American director has a gift in knowing how to direct actors, transforming Pike into a woman full of mystery and Affleck into a husband who is a victim of events. The film revolves around a marriage case: one day, while returning home from work, Nick Dunne discovers that his wife Amy has disappeared. This will be the incipit for a whirlwind of events that will lead to understanding the complex relationship between the two and how their marriage was only apparently normal and canonical.

Fincher masterfully manages to tell a story in an original way and with the style of a masterful thriller director. In fact, the story is made up of puzzles, as you go along the clues will lead to more explanations for the case until at some point you will discover the real reason for the disappearance of his wife. Fincher reflects not only on marriage but also on the role of the mass media. How they are often a source of disinformation, in a world where whatever happens, you never have control over it.

A Cure for Wellness

The director of this 2016 film is Gore Verbinski, known to the public for the hit horror The Ring. Which will also bring two sequels. We all know the story, it is that of the cursed tape parodied by Scary Movie. After the success, the director gives himself to adventure, directing the whole saga of Pirates of the Caribbean . He recently returned to the screens first with The Lone Ranger, excellent western, and then with this The cure from wellbeing. Starring Dane DeHaan, Jason Isaacs and Mia Goth, the film is a mix of thriller, horror and science fiction film. The structure, however, is that of a psychological thriller. Lockhart is a young and ambitious Wall Street broker who is part of an agency ready to merge with another. The boss, however, Roland Pembroke, seems to have moved to a wellness center in Switzerland and never wants to go back.

So Lockhart is personally sent to Switzerland to convince the boss. What he will find will be a strange idyllic center, which presents itself as the cure for all ills but hides something that Lockhart perceives. Thus the film develops as a powerful thriller, with sensational direction and cinematography, and a courageous screenplay, outside the box, as a Roman Polanski thriller can be. Indeed, in the film. There are many homages to masterpieces such as Rosemary’s Baby. The Shiningand to other cult like The Ring itself or Don’t Look Now – In Venice, a shocking red December. Many have criticized the ending and the twist the film takes at one point in the film. However, we at FilmPost invite you to give the film a chance. Which certainly finds a way to stand out in a crowded panorama such as that of thriller films.

Personal Shopper

Presented in competition at the Cannes Film Festival and winner of the Prix de la mise en scène. Personal Shopper is a 2016 film, directed by Olivier Assayas and starring Kristen Stewart. The plot is very simple: Maureen is an American girl who lives as a personal shopper in Paris. Her life is shaken by the death of her brother, and after that, she Maureen feels she has a connection with him post mortem, as if she could still communicate with him. Proof of this will be several events on Maureen’s property and a series of messages on her cell phone.

This film deals with themes such as loss, sanity and spiritualism, and does so in a unique way. Throughout the vision the sense of restlessness and tension is present. The viewer is both frightened by what he is seeing but also interested and attracted by a world that seems inexplicable even by logic and science. It’s themes like these that work in the cinema and above all with a genre like the thriller. Because they make us investigate mysterious and sometimes incomprehensible concepts, which leave their mark on the public’s mind.


In 2016, this wonderful thriller, starring Isabelle Huppert, was released in theaters. For her outstanding performance. Huppert won her the Golden Globe for Best Actress in a Drama and the Best Actress Award from the National Society of Film Critics. The director, Paul Verhoeven, tells a complicated and mysterious story. One evening, in her home, a woman is raped by a stranger who broke in. This event will be crucial to the plot because everything will revolve around the discovery of the culprit. One of the most interesting things is the reaction of the woman involved who, instead of being shocked and distraught, remains cold and focused on personal investigations of the abuser.

The woman has a complicated past, works in a video game company and is divorced. Her rape leads the woman to become passionate about the killer so much that she establishes a strange relationship of love and hate. The greatness of this film is the fact that it manages to combine different genres and registers. In a film that looks like a cross between Haneke’s bourgeois dramas and a genre thriller. As for directing. Verhoeven goes back to directing a great film. Each shot is built for a reason and the film moves on at a very fitting pace, moving from moments of terror to moments of comedy.

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