The Best Science Movies Based On Space

The Best Science Movies Based On Space
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ET The Extra-Terrestrial


Another film with extraterrestrial themes by Steven Spielberg: ET, a film from 1982. For the director, it meant the beginning of an artistic journey where the emotions and the human condition of the protagonists were present at the center of the work. The film opens with a mysterious spaceship landing in a forest at night. Aliens with strange features land from it, far from the stereotype of the little green man: in fact, they are short, funny, awkward, and wrinkled. Upon impact, tender. However, one of them will stay behind and run into Elliot, a very curious and intelligent boy. The young man will track down the curious alien hidden inside a shed.

With ET Spielberg makes one of the most exciting films ever. The work immediately became a classic for both adults and children. Teach them the importance of diversity. And it doesn’t matter if we come from distant planets: the important thing is to do good to others. Famous are the scenes that made this film a cult. The famous sequence of bicycles flying toward the sky is, without a doubt, the best known by all.

The Fly


Directed by David Cronenberg, The Fly is a memorable horror/thriller that describes the origin of a monster in grotesque and suspenseful tones. Dr. Seth Brundle’s (Jeff Goldblum) curiosity, his obsession with teleportation, and new scientific advances will lead him down ever darker paths…

Cronenberg’s body horror blends well with a sinister story of mutation, captured in all its intermediate passages in which the human being loses and fragments himself in mind and body.

John Carpenter’s They Live


Among the absolutely must-see science fiction films. They Live, was written and directed by John Carpenter in 1988 and based on the story At eight in the morning by Ray Nelson. Accordingly, the protagonist is an unemployed man named John Nada, who moves from Denver to Los Angeles in search of a job. He gets a job as a worker on a construction site and manages to find accommodation in a barrack camp on the outskirts of the city. However, he begins to notice strange happenings. Among them, is a blind preacher who calls humanity to wake up and strange interference on the television. So one day, poor John finds a pair of sunglasses inside a box. At first glance, they look like ordinary glasses. But once they wear them, he discovers the awful truth.

Carpenter with They Live not only makes one of his best films but manages to outline a strong critique of modern society. A society based on fashions and consumerism, a real dictatorship hidden behind the concept of democracy. A strongly political film, a veritable manifesto that thrives on an allegorical force visible in every shot. The film obtained an excellent response from critics and audiences, so much so that it was defined as a perfect blend of horror and science fiction.

Mars Attacks!


After the “good” aliens, Hollywood rediscovers the “bad” aliens and Tim Burton enjoys responding on the edge of irony and de-dramatization. A group of flying saucers lands on planet earth. The great political leaders are divided into two camps. Those who want to have a confrontation and those who instead want to destroy them. The aliens have come to earth with a specific purpose to destroy and populate it. Will the Martians succeed in their intent? However, a child and his grandmother could derail their plans.

Taking its cue from a collection of stickers from the 1950s banned at the time for being too “violent”, Mars attacks! it is ironic, irreverent, and full of hilarious gags and brilliant ideas in representing aliens as well as human beings in a grotesque way. Counting on a stellar cast ( Jack Nicholson, Glenn Close, Pierce Brosnan, Danny DeVito ) and on the excellent work of computer graphics, Tim Burton thus creates a brilliant and joyful film that, does not forget to offer punctual cues of social satire.

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