The Best Romantic Movies to Fall in Love With

The Best Romantic Movies to Fall in Love With

Love Story


Already from the title, we can understand that this feature film. Is one of the most romantic films to be seen absolutely. Love Story (1970) is the cult film of the seventies, very romantic and very sad at the same time. A classic story of meeting and falling in love with two people from two different worlds. The rich and the poor, have to face prejudices and expectations. Love Story has won the hearts of every spectator (but also a reader. The film was born the bestseller by Erich Segal for its plot full of many elements typical of romantic cinema. The combination of which is actually perfect. It is probably the film that most of all resorts to the clichés of the genre. With some hints of nonconformist aspects for the time. And that’s exactly what makes an irresistible love story.

Wealthy college student Oliver Barrett (Ryan O’Neal) falls in love with poor Jenny Cavilleri (Ali MacGraw). Despite the attempt of his parents to meddle in their relationship. The two decide to get married, trying to prove that love can conquer all. However, the arrival of an unexpected event disrupts the happiness of the two lovers. To love means never having to say sorry is one of the most quoted phrases in the history of cinema. We leave it to you as input to include the film in your list of romantic films to recover.

Annie Hall


When a love story ends, it’s inevitable to wonder why people meddle in these situations. According to Woody Allen, it is ‘because most of us need eggs’. If you want to find out the meaning of this phrase. All you have to do is watch Annie Hall (1977).

Alvy (Woody Allen), a neurotic New York comedian, and Annie ( Diane Keaton ), eccentric and very similar to him, star in this comedy. The two loved each other so much. But at the end of their story, it almost seems that Alvy no longer remembers why they fell in love. And so, to look for breaking points, retraces what was their great love story; but unexpectedly. She will also find in his memory all those almost-forgotten moments of joy. It is one of Woody Allen’s best films, a romantic comedy that will leave you a little shocked and a little moved. Always present in every list of beautiful romantic films in the history of cinema.

An Officer and a Gentleman


A coming-of-age and redemption story. An Officer and a Gentleman (1982) is also a beautiful love story starring the sex symbol Richard Gere. Zack Mayo (Gere) decides. To enroll in the course for military pilots as a form of redemption for the faults of his family. Between a suicidal mother and a father with immoral conduct. The path taken will be an experience of growth for him. In which he will also win the love of a worker (Debra Winger). In search of a non-proletarian future.

A well-written and well-acted drama. An Officer and a Gentleman also emphasize the youthful sentimental element in the protagonist’s coming-of-age story. The worker Paula will help Zack overcome the physical and psychological difficulties of the path he has decided to take. Their love story made the film one of the most romantic ever. The final scene with the accompaniment of “Up Where We Belong” sung by Joe Cocker and Jennifer. Warnes and the award with the Oscar are unforgettable.

When Harry Meets Sally


Humankind has always posed riddles that will always remain unanswered. Who we are? Does God exist? Is there life after death? Can there be a friendship between a man and a woman? Harry, when I meet Sally… (1989) tries to answer this last question. Sally (Meg Ryan) believes friendship between a man and a woman can exist. Conversely, Harry (Billy Crystal) is resolute on the contrary. Stating instead that a man will always want to sleep with this phantom.

1977 and 1982 are the years in which the lives of Harry and Sally will meet without ever really intertwining, at least until 1987. They will find themselves discussing their different life experiences, entering into confidence, and… becoming friends. But will they always remain just friends? When Harry meets Sally… is “A” romantic comedy. Which intelligently deals with all those situations in which most of the spectators will be able to recognize themselves. Love, friendship, advancing age, and the desire to find that person. With whom to fall asleep at night and wake up in the morning. Afraid of suffering again but eager to fall in love again.

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