The Best Romantic Comedies To Watch Absolutely

The Best Romantic Comedies To Watch Absolutely
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The nineties opened with a film that has become a cult in the romantic genre of cinema. Ghost (1990). Sam Wheat (Patrick Swayze) is killed by a hitman hired by his best friend. Once dead, he becomes a sort of guardian angel (or rather ghost ). Thanks to an amusing and singular medium (Whoopi Goldberg), Sam will try to protect his young girlfriend, now alone (Demi Moore). A love story where reality meets otherworldly fantasy.

Ghost – Fantasma is another unmissable modern romantic tale, in which love overcomes the barrier that divides life from death. The perfect film for a romantic couple’s evening where the man certainly won’t be bored, thanks to the ironic and funny side that the film possesses. This is entrusted to the character of Whoopi Goldberg (Oscar-awarded), the psychic who allows Sam to speak with the living, especially with her beloved. Unforgettable is the scene of the pottery wheel, in which Patrick Swayze surrounds the beautiful Demi Moore.

The Bridges of Madison County


Does Clint Eastwood direct a film between melodrama and romance? It almost seems like something impossible. Instead, we are talking about one of the director’s most interesting works and a great film in general. The Bridges of Madison County (1995) is the story of a short but intense love between two mature people, played by the masterful Clint Eastwood and Meryl Streep. Francesca Johnson, a housewife of Italian origins, meets National Geographic photographer Robert Kincaid, who has to report on the covered bridges of an Iowa county.

Francesca’s family left for four days away from home and the woman will keep Robert company during his tour. Intense love is born between the two, but at the end of the four days, the woman will not be able to abandon her family. Years later the story of Robert and Francesca lives again in the diaries of the woman, found by her children. It cannot be missing from the list of the most beautiful and well-made romantic films of recent years. A great proof of versatility by Clint Eastwood. A great melodrama that reflects above all on the inexorable passage of time, the most insidious aspect of great love.

Before Sunrise


In their early twenties, Jesse ( Ethan Hawke ), an American who is returning to the USA, and Céline (Julie Delpy), a Parisian on her way home, meet by chance on a train. He has to get off in Vienna and so he proposes to the girl to follow him to spend the night together. In a single night in which Jesse and Céline will know each other, they will discover a sudden feeling and, by conversing about love, life, and fears, also something more about themselves. Before Dawn (1995) is the kind of cinema we would like to see often. Formidable screenplay work, analysis of human relationships in a young generation, the story of a one-night encounter that is almost as good as a life experience.

In fact, Jesse and Céline’s experience, which took place outside the tracks of everyday life, is able to leave an indelible mark on them. With this film, director Richard Linklater proves to be a great observer of the younger generations and a good narrator of coming-of-age stories. Best Director at the Berlin Film Festival, Before Sunrise, is one of the most interesting sentimental films of the last thirty years. Being the first chapter of a trilogy, don’t miss the following chapters: Before Sunset (2004) and Before Midnight (2013).

The English Patient


The English Patient is a traditional melodrama that recalls the great romantic blockbusters of the past. Tuscany, end of the Second World War. Hana (Juliette Binoche) arrives at a farmhouse to try and cure Laszlo de Almasy (Ralph Fiennes). While she falls in love with an Allied bomb disposal officer, the mysterious Caravaggio (Willem Defoe) arrives and brings Laszlo’s secret to light. During a mission in Egypt, he met Katherine (Kristin Scott Thomas), with whom he had begun an adulterous and tormented love story.

The English patient is a very elegant and romantic modern blockbuster that tries to rediscover the glories of a cinematic genre of the past, between epic storytelling and great emotions. Suggestive settings, tormented loves, personal dramas, and horrors of war meet sumptuous directions and impeccable interpretations. As a result 9 Academy Awards and a great international success. More to add? The English Patient is a must-see among must-see romantic films.

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