The Best Romance Movies Of The 1920s

The Best Romance Movies Of The 1920s
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Sunrise: A Song of Two Humans


Defined by François Truffaut as the most beautiful film of all time, produced in Hollywood by Wiliam Fox. It is based on a story by Hermann Sudermann. Aurora is the first of four American films by Murnau, awarded two Academy Awards, best photography, and best actress hero. This story is based on a young farmer, George O’Brien, who falls in love with a city woman (Margaret Livingston). Who has unknowingly come to disturb the rural harmony of a happy family for this mad and destructive love? She decides in agreement with her lover to kill his wife (Janet Gaynor).

Only after the plan fails and the two spouses found themselves together in the sprawling city. This will be the apparent tranquility to find. Before a fatal accident goes again undermines that pure and delicate affection. Despite being almost one hundred years old and being a silent film. Murnau’s film still remains enjoyable and entertaining today; manages to move and soften the heart. A simple story, aimed at showing the ups and downs of love, innocent and pure. Honorable mention of the kiss scene. In the middle of the city, traffic is filme in superimposition emulates to many films and entrees. The collective imagination.

The Atalante


The second and last film by director Jean Vigo. Who died at the age of 29 of tuberculosis shortly before completing the work. L’Atalante is considered one of the greatest masterpieces of cinema and a forerunner of the French Nouvelle Vague movement. The film tells the story of Jean ( Jean Dasté ), a young captain of a boat, the “Atalante”. Who marries Juliette ( Dita Parlo), a country girl, and takes her to live with him on the boat. After a few months, Juliette begins to get bored and, is influenced by the stories. Of the old sailor Pere Jules, she decides to fly and runs away to Paris. Builders and disappointments in the city. The girl will return to her boat, however, discovering that her jealous husband has abandoned her. The old sailor will use all his skill to convince Jean to retrace his steps.

A film, as well as romantic, visionary, poetic, and erotic, is always poise between dream and reality. The scene is unforgettable (made famous in Italy to Enrico Ghezzi as the theme song for the famous RAI 3 cinephile television program. Fuori Orario, accompanied by the voice of Patti Smith), where the captain of the boat, abandoned by his young wife, dives into the waters of the river to follow the ancient legend according to which the face of the loved one can be seen in the water: and in fact in overexposure. He will see the angelic face of the woman. Among the most important romantic films in the history of cinema.

It Happened One Night


Among the most romantic films to see absolutely, it cannot be missing It happened one night, directed by Frank Capra with which the director managed for the first time in the history of the Oscars to win the five major statuettes at the Academy Awards. The film, which launched the “screwball comedy”, the brilliant genre which, with its bizarre situations and twists and turns designed to enhance the antagonism of the characters, Claudette Colbert plays Ellie, a young heiress, who runs away from home out of love to marry the unreliable King Westley.

However, the journey to achieve her happiness will not prove easy, and it will be during this that the girl will meet the journalist Pietro Warne (Clark Gable); a series of circumstances will make her question her own choices. Leading her to think that, perhaps, love could be found elsewhere. A simple, funny, and never-heavy story, with dialogues still fresh after seventy years, the most classic romantic comedy will bring you a good mood, and the joy of living.



An absolute myth of cinema, one of the most exciting films ever: Casablanca (1942) is one of the pillars of the history of the seventh art. A magnificent love triangle set during the siege of the Moroccan city, at the time of the Second World War. Furthermore, at the time it was an important war propaganda poster against all dictatorships. Ilsa (Ingrid Bergman), Blaine’s old flame and now wife of Resistance hero Victor Laszlo (Paul Henreid) arrives at Rick Blaine’s (Humphrey Bogart) restaurant in Casablanca. Wanted by the Nazis, Victor must find a way to leave Morocco. Meanwhile, love is reborn between Ilsa and Rick.

Rick has two passes to get out of Casablanca, a chance to escape with his forever love. Rick will understand, however, that the most important choice is another, more useful to the fate of the war. Casablanca is a romantic film par excellence, able to captivate and excite all audiences. However, the immortal story of this love triangle at the time of war is also full of important messages, conveyed by the choices of the characters. Casablanca is a film to be seen, without discussion.

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