The Best Recommended Action Movies To Watch

The Best Recommended Action Movies To Watch
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The Black Swan 

Director: Darren Aronofsky Drama. Duration: 108 minutes. 

During the film, Nina often sees entities and people and imagines particular gruesome situations that, in reality, do not exist outside her brain. Since This leads to the idea of a case of schizophrenia. However, her hallucinating delusions about her all seem to be persecution for the girl who can’t get rid of them. 

The King’s Speech 

Director: Tom Hooper Genre: Biography. Duration: 118 minutes. 

Tom Hooper, in his film, stages a touching but at the same time daring story. Because portraying a king, who has gone down in history for his gentle and humble soul, is certainly not easy. In this adventure, there is also a masterful Colin Firth, who gives life to a king born a man, a simple and pure man. 

The Artist 

Director: Michel Hazanavicius. Drama. Duration: 100 minutes. 

 And yet, behind Hazanavicius’ evident intention of making an impeccable homage to the silent cinema, the film plays on different levels of interpretation. brilliant analysis of the communication difficulty. 

The Fighter 

Director: David O. Russell Genre: Sports. Duration: 115 minutes. 

The character of Christian Bale, suddenly, finds himself experiencing a feeling that is not at all alien to the public: the fear of being worth nothing. Dicky still seems immersed, thanks to the confusion dictated by drug abuse, in his triumphant past as a boxer. 

The Tree of Life 

Director: Terrence Malick. Drama. Duration: 138 minutes. 

The Tree of Life seems to be the film that Malick has built throughout his career, in which he has managed to radicalize every trend his cinema had expressed up to then. So, the director stages man’s relationship with nature and other irrational forces with incredible skill. 

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