The Best Movies About Witches Ever Made

The Best Movies About Witches Ever Made
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Las Brujas de Zugarramurdi

2013 / Comedy, Drama, Horror / Spain, France

The Spanish city of Zugarramurdi has been known since the 17th century for the fact that witches lived here – then, in 1610, 40 residents were accused of practicing witchcraft, and 11 of them were burned at the stake. The action of the film takes place in our days: three unlucky thieves unexpectedly found themselves in a city where witches run everything. Realizing that they were at great risk, they hurried to get out of such a dangerous place, but this was not so easy to do.

Don’t Knock Twice

2017 / Horror / UK

Chloe ended up in an orphanage as a very young girl – her mother decided that she could not take care of her daughter properly. Many years later, the woman reappeared on the threshold of the shelter to try to take Chloe home: she still does not know that the girl is in big trouble – together with her friend she visited the old house where, according to the city horror story, the witch used to live. They knocked on the door – now the dark entity will definitely come for them.

Season of the Witch

2011 / Adventure, Fantasy, Action

The events of this mystical thriller unfold in the XIV century – European cities are dying from the plague. They say that this deadly infection was sent to ordinary people by a pretty girl – a witch. The dying cardinal asks a knight named Baymen to take the culprit to a remote abbey where the locals can break her spell. On the way, it turns out that the pretty companion is actually not a person, but a real fiend.

Minority Report

2002 / Crime, Adventure, Action / USA

The world of the future, in which there is no place for crimes. This becomes possible thanks to three unusual people imprisoned in a special laboratory. They see the atrocity that is about to be committed. They cannot be deceived. The system works perfectly. But everything is called into question when the main character, police officer John Anderton (Tom Cruise), sees his name next … The plot is based on the novel of the same name by Philip K. Dick

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