The Best Horror Movies That’s Truly Worth the Hype

The Best Horror Movies That’s Truly Worth the Hype
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An American Werewolf in London


The film written and directed by John Landis is one of the most popular horror films of the 1980s, awarded the Oscar for best makeup. The cultural influence was vast and the film is still remembered as a cult of those years and more generally of 20th-century horror cinema. Landis tries his hand at horror films by inserting his marked irony already appreciated in other works. Certainly among the recommended horror films, among the best of his generation.

A boy, after being bitten by a werewolf, realizes thanks to a doctor that in turn, he is becoming that kind of monstrous being. During full moon nights, the werewolf will unleash his bloodlust. But when he falls in love with a girl everything could lead to the worst since werewolves are capable of making real massacres.

The Thing


Among the beautiful horror films, we also include this jewel by John Carpenter, with Kurt Russell, based on a 1938 story remake of a 1951 film, ” The thing from another world “. Started with not-too-positive responses, and over the years it has become a cult of the horror and science fiction genre. It is considered one of the scariest horror films.

Antarctica. An American research team comes across a devastating alien creature/substance, which has remained in hibernation for centuries. Which takes on the appearance of the living being it comes into contact with, man or animal, changing its shape. After various deaths and macabre events, the team realizes that they have the main problem. The alien is among them and it is necessary to understand who “the thing” is inside. Everyone present may have been infected by the enemy and may be the main danger to survival.



Written and directed by master David Cronenberg, the film deals with a particular theme. The fusion between technology and man and their relationship. A cult that has had a very vast and very important cultural influence over the decades. A metaphor for the ” television civilization “.

The director of a private broadcaster, Max Renn, casually picks up a program in which torture and bloody murders are present, Videodrome is Disgusted by this. However, he does not hide that he is also quite fascinated by it. He then decides he wants to know more about it and the investigation leads to the discovery that the program is transmitted by a pirated signal whose head is a mad individual who wants to dominate the world. How? Exploiting the power of television to upset consciences, transforming every viewer into its destructive adept. In fact, Max himself will find himself in a spiral of madness in which it will be almost impossible to understand concrete reality.



Freddy Krueger, one of the scariest serial killers in the history of cinema, could not be missing. Therefore it was impossible not to include this film among the 50 horror films to see. In fact, the film directed by Wes Craven is the first chapter of a glorious saga made up of several films centered on the figure of “Fred”.

A deformed man appears in the dreams of a girl. Tina attempts to kill her with a glove with sharp blades. No one believes her until she is seen being slain and torn apart by an unseen entity. Slowly many begin to dream of man. The personality in question, Freddy Krueger, kills in dreams with the repercussions of the case, in reality, thus eliminating all barriers. Although a friend of the dead girl, Nancy, will try to find out what’s going on. However, meeting both the disbelief of what is around her and the confrontation with the sleep killer.

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