The Best Essential Zombie Movies Ever Made

Essential Zombie Movies

Shaun of the Dead 

2004/Comedy, Horror/France

Perhaps the wittiest, funniest, satirical, and most intelligent zombie films made this century are the comedy trilogies Shaun of the Dead, Hot Hop, and Armageddon. At the same time, although formally only the first film talks about traditional zombies, in a broad sense, all three films are devoted to the fact that for normal guys, especially drunk ones, the widespread philistine idiocy at some point necessarily turns into a rampage of ghouls. And it doesn’t matter if they are zombies or aliens. They are still alien, aggressive, and limited; therefore, they are doomed to defeat when the cool guys fight back. 

Warm Bodies 

2013 / Comedy, Melodrama, Horror / USA 

The love between man and zombie exists. In a world where zombies have long been enmity with humans, a young zombie boy suddenly meets an ordinary girl. And something Shakespearean begins between them, it’s not for nothing that his name is R. and hers is Julia. The difference between humans and zombies is not so great since love can destroy them. It remains to make the cruel cannibals and heavily armed brothers of Julia believe in it. 

I am Legend 

2007/Drama, Horror/USA 

A new drug created to fight cancer looks promising but eventually mutates into a deadly virus that kills most people on earth and turns them into bestial creatures. There are only a few people on the planet with immunity, one of them is Robert Neville (Will Smith), who has spent the last three years trying to create a serum against the virus. He is already losing hope and seems to be going crazy until he stumbles upon two more survivors. 

World War Z

2013/Adventure, Horror, Action/USA, Malta 

The living dead ceases to be a fictional horror story: from now on, they very realistically threaten the death of all life on the planet. Almost invulnerable rotting monsters scurry about here and there, turning living people into their half-decomposed brethren with even the slightest injury. Already half the world has been captured by a multi-million-strong army of creepy creatures. In an attempt to prevent the coming apocalypse, the military forces of developed countries suffer a complete defeat, not only not destroying the enemy, but also replenishing his ranks against their will. It may not be possible to defeat an already dead enemy, but there is still a tiny chance. The main role in the film was played by Brad Pitt. 

The Girl with All the Gifts 

2016/Drama, Thriller, Horror/USA, UK 

The planet was struck by a terrible virus. Infected individuals began to attack people, putting humanity on the brink of extinction. The only hope is the second generation of infected, dangerous creatures possessing phenomenal intelligence compared to humans. They are the key to creating a life-saving vaccine. Therefore, they are kept in a special bunker, protecting them from contact with the outside world. But one day, the situation gets out of control. The picture, which lit up Gemma Arterton and Glenn Close, is an amazing and unconventional look at the zombie horror genre itself. 

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