The Best Drama Movies of All Time To Watch Right Now

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The Best Drama Movies of All Time To Watch Right Now
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Perfect Sense

(2011) Drama /Romance

David Mackenzie’s film is probably little known, but a must-see. In a world where living beings are on the verge of extinction, Susan, a scientific researcher, (Eva Green) and Michael, a chef, (Ewan McGregor) fall in love. Humanity strikes through an epidemic that will progressively lead to the loss of the five senses. The two will live a deep and intense love story based on the discovery of the other and of themselves. Despite the fact that the world seems to have no feelings.

Perfect Sense is a film that excites and makes you think. It is interesting to note how the love between the two protagonists grows more and more. Almost, simultaneously the increase in the epidemic infects everyone. The direction, which alternates scenes between the two to those that show the loss of consciousness in the world. Which succeeds perfectly in the intention of conveying that sense of intimacy, complicity, and harmony which creates between lovers. The final scene, accompanied by notes by Max Richter, manages to encompass the whole essence of the film. This seems to give a message of hope. Perfect sense drama movies

The Impossible

(2012) Drama / Drama

Juan Antonio Bayona’s work can only define as a drama in the truest sense of the word. Based on a true story, the film centers on Maria ( Naomi Watts ), Henry ( Ewan McGregor ), and their three children. The family arrives in Thailand in December 2004 to spend the Christmas holidays on the wonderfully tropical island. But on December 26 a tsunami rises from the sea and destroys buildings and people. The family members, now missing, will do anything to reunite, coming into contact with the local population. Who will teach them what it means to never give up?

Bayona takes up the story of the Spanish family in an exemplary way. Which highlights people’s feelings and humanity in such tragic moments. The reconstruction of the landscape, now non-existent, immersed in the hot water is truly impressive and spectacular. A huge parenthesis must open for the actors. Like an exciting Ewan McGregor, a superlative Naomi Watts, and an impeccable young Tom Holland. the impossible drama movies

The Great Beauty

(2013) Drama /Comedy

Paolo Sorrentino, awarded at the Oscars for best foreign film, directs The Great Beauty with Toni Servillo. The journalist Jep Gambardella juggles between his work as a theater critic and the social events of Rome. However, The art, beauty, and culture that fascinate the journalist and lead him to live a life in their name are revived. Between parties and evenings spent listing the failures of a decadent Rome, Jep will find himself and his writing. A subtle and commemorative film in certain points, of Fellini’s cinema, in particular, La dolce vita is mentioned.

A film that has received conflicting opinions due to its being at times cold and distant from the events it tells. For other critics, however, it is a pearl of Sorrentino’s cinema that portrays Rome as never before. The Great Beauty is the film that brought Italy back among the big names in Hollywood. After Roberto Benigni’s Life is Beautiful. Moreover, a controversial and discussed film but it deserves to include in the list of the best drama films. Drama movies the great beauty


(2013) Drama /Romance /SCi -Fi

Her is certainly one of the most controversial and original love stories brought to the screen in recent years. The film centers on the life of Theodore ( Joaquin Phoenix ), a lonely man with a broken heart. Who makes a living writing “personal” letters by putting himself in the shoes of other individuals. However, When he makes the decision to buy a new generation computer system, created to meet the needs of the user. His life changes radically; the protagonist catapults into a whirlwind of emotions. That will lead him to fall in love with Samantha. Who has the voice of Scarlett Johansson, and doubts himself. Spike Jonzedescribes a society dependent on technology. Also, Where people are unable to express their feelings to the point of putting them in the hands of strangers.

A society where one no longer writes with pen and paper or with the computer but speaks directly with the device, where one takes refuge in the unreal world for fear of being hurt in the real world. The most surprising thing about Jonze’s film is the fact that the more the film progresses, the more we forget that Scarlett Johanson’s voice does not connect to a person in the flesh. Yet the relationship between the two is so real and intense that, although Samantha is invisible, she seems to materialize, in some ways, next to Theodore. In short, it is not a story about technology, but a real love story. The lightness with which this topic is treated removes any risk of falling back into the banal from the film, thanks, for the most part, to the screenplay, signed by the director himself, which earned him the Oscar. her dramatic films.

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