The Best Adventure Movies of the Last Decade

The Best Adventure Movies of the Last Decade
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The Lovely Bones 

Director: Peter Jackson. Drama. Duration: 139 minutes. 

There is a detail, however, that the film captures with the same intensity as the novel: the awareness that, even after the worst misfortunes, we must move forward. Susie, from the colorful world beyond her, will have to accept that her family will continue in her life even without her, and this, after all, is the path of acceptance that pursues her. 

Toy Story 3 

Director: Lee Unkrich. Genre: animation. Duration: 102 minutes. 

Any one of us was once a child, and someone deep down still is. He played with dolls, constructions, and toy cars, and unfortunately, growing up, he had to put them aside. Like Andy, each of us had to say goodbye to our childhood friends to grow up and become adults. 

Loose Cannons

Director: Ferzan Ozpetek Genre: comedy. Duration: 110 minutes 

Speak with Mine Vacanti takes a decisive step towards territories already explored by him in The Ignorant Fairies and The Front Window and abandons the excessively dramatic tone of his most discussed films, Sacred Heart and A Perfect Day. The family, friendship, and homosexuality are explored here again, but in the direction of comedy. 

Fantastic Mr. Forx 

Director: Wes Anderson. Genre: animation. Duration: animation. 

With excellent work in stop-motion, Wes Anderson investigates our animal component; on how perhaps we are more “feral” than the animals themselves and on how everyone should learn to coexist and live with their nature. 


Director: James Cameron. Genre: science fiction. Duration: 178 minutes (extended version). 

James Cameron dared to look towards a different cinema, experimenting digitally and pushing himself into territories still unexplored at the time. The sets by Rick Carter and Robert Stromberg are incredible for the variety of colors, landscapes, and attention to detail. The Best Movies of the Decade (2010-2019) – Variety

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