The Best Adventure and Family Movies Of All Time

The Best Adventure and Family Movies Of All Time
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1973 / Adventure, Family movie, Animation / USSR

The world has long been divided into two camps: In fact, those who love the American cartoon “The Jungle Book” of 1967 and those who consider the Soviet animated series “Mowgli” of 1973 to be the best adaptation of Kipling’s book. The first cartoon turned out to be very childish, it does not look at all like the animated “novel education” directed by Roman Davydov. Our “Mowgli” is a story about a proud and strong young man surrounded by majestic and dangerous animals and he must prove to them why they should respect him, the “wretched little man.” We vote for the second option.


1989 / Fantasy, Family movie, Cartoon / USA

Never before in animation has the underwater world been so incendiary. Therefore, when the crab Sebastian sings to the Little Mermaid the song “Under the Sea” (“Oscar” for the best soundtrack) about how wonderful it is to live at depth, you involuntarily begin to understand that he is right. But Andersen foresaw a different fate for his tailed heroine, and Disney animators, not daring to violate his will, send the red-haired beauty to land to follow their love.


2009 / Comedy, Adventure, Animation / USA

Pixar’s ability to find stories for their cartoons is amazing. Who would have thought that the story of a 78-year-old grump who took off in balloons could be so fascinating. Not every film with such an age-old hero would risk being released, but “Up” earned more than $700 million and earned sincere sympathy from both small and large viewers.

Flying ship

1979 / Musical, Fantasy, Short film, Family film, Animation / USSR

Firstly, in this cartoon Russian fairy tale, there are amazing songs: “Chatushki Babok-Yozhek”, “Song of the Water Man” and others – Yuri Entin invented all of them and set to music by Maxim Dunayevsky. Secondly, its director Harry Bardin won the Palme d’Or for the best short film at the Cannes Film Festival. And thirdly, Mikhail Boyarsky, Anatoly Papanov and other artists took part in its dubbing. Fourth, it’s just a classic.


1941 / Drama, Family film, Cartoon / USA

Looking at this cartoon, it is impossible to believe that it filmed in 1941, it seems so innovative and original. It is no coincidence that its game adaptation in 2017 was entrusted to Tim Burton, who, in fact, after two years of filming and the most difficult computer post-production, turned Dumbo into his signature dark fairy tale with a happy ending. Dumbo is a baby elephant with a defect, he has no place even in the circus. But the desire to fly and big ears work wonders, especially if there are those around who believe in you.

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