The Best 5 Films About Women in Conflict

The Best 5 Films About Women in Conflict
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Black Book

2006, Netherlands, Germany, UK, Belgium

The plot of the film revolves around Rachel Stein, a German of Jewish origin. Fleeing the Nazi genocide, she finds refuge in the Netherlands, where she joins the resistance movement. Her goal is to find the traitor who murdered her entire family and seek revenge. By any means necessary.

Agents of Women

2008, France

The movie “Women Agents” by the French director Jean-Paul Salomé tells us the story of Louise Defontin. Therefore, A member of the French Resistance and was active in politics during World War II. After the death of her husband, she leaves France for Britain. in the capital, London. The woman is recruited by a special secret organization and given her first assignment, for which she has to assemble an all-female detachment.

Braveheart by Irena Sendler

2009, USA

Irena Sendler went down in World War II history forever. The woman who was not afraid to stand up to Nazism. It was she who saved Jewish children from the Warsaw ghetto. Children carry out in toolboxes. Under their skirts, in cars, in rolls, sedated, muted by barking dogs, falsified documents, searching for foster families. However, in this way, 2,500 lives were saved.

The Book Thief

2013, USA, Germany

A movie that you can safely watch with the whole family, really. If you’re willing to answer your kids’ questions about first love, war, and death. Here you will not see women with rifles in their hands. The main character is Liesel, a little girl from Germany. So, her mother, in order to save her daughter’s life, gives her to a foster family. She is a girl who learns to read and also learns to live in the heart of the flourishing Nazis. She is torn between the world of books. Therefore, she is responsible for the life of the Jewish boy living in their basement. The need to conform to the way of life in Nazi Germany at this time. A beautiful film. With wonderful acting and a wonderful plot that is taken from Markus Zusak’s book of the same name.


2015, Ukraine

The film introduces us to the story of the legendary female sniper, and hero of the Soviet Union, Lyudmila Pavlichenko. A Ukrainian who was born in Bila Tserkva in 1916. However, It is not just another war movie with a tough guy. A movie where the main character is a woman. A smart, strong woman, able to carry. A wounded man on her shoulders will be there at the same time. vulnerable and fragile, dreaming of peace, quiet, and a child with her beloved.

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