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The Beekeeper (2024)

John Wick 4” with its operatic stunt sequences and “Mission: Impossible – Dead Reckoning – Part One” with Tom Cruise‘s crazy performances distorted the image of action cinema. In fact, it is one of the simplest genres. All you need is the right actor in a dynamic story. An irritating villain is just icing on the cake. It’s good the way it is, because viewers will be happy to see its end, but it’s not a necessary element. Unfortunately, thanks to “John Wick” and “Mission: Impossible“, other creators often forget about simplicity and unnecessarily complicate the plot. Jason Statham found this out the hard way, appearing in such unsuccessful productions as “The Expendables 4” and “Meg 2: The Trench“.

However, I have very good news for Statham fans! You can now watch him in a film that brings out and celebrates all his strengths. “The Beekeeper” is an entertainment film without any major ambitions. Therefore, it will be perfect as an alternative to a carnival party or a huge dose of positive energy for those who suffer from winter depression. And all because Kurt Wimmer (screenwriter) and David Ayer (director) created their film for Statham, and at no point do they block it from showing the world why so many people love watching it on screen.

As befits a real action movie, the plot of the film is of secondary importance. Statham plays a retired agent of the top secret Beekeepers unit. It is an organization that exists beyond any state control. Its agents are walking killing machines; They step into action whenever they believe that the system underpinning the functioning of the American state is at risk. Statham’s Adam Clay is the deadliest agent among them. But now he sits quietly in the countryside, keeps bees and makes honey. Until a gang of scoundrels led by a depraved “nepo baby” kills the only person he ever cared about. Now he will not rest until he catches those responsible for this crime. And they sit high on the social ladder.

Honestly, the less time you spend thinking about the plot, the better. Everything in this film is greatly exaggerated, sometimes even absurd. But instead of being irritating, it’s part of the fun of the movie. And it’s all thanks to Jason Statham. His on-screen charisma makes us simply accept subsequent events and information. Adam Clay is the kind of caring tough guy that we just want to root for and believe in unquestioningly. Can he destroy the entire office without firing a single shot? Of course! The sequences in which he deals with successive crowds of enemies encourage you to sit back in your chair and have fun.

Of course, Statham can only sell this story with such confidence because both Ayer and Wimmer are his allies. “The Beekeeper” is filmed in such a way as to squeeze the last drops of honey from this hive. The film, like a carnival in Rio, is loud, crazy and dynamic. It’s a festival of attractions that will satisfy every action movie viewer. Josh Hutcherson is a nice addition – an actor associated with sympathetic characters plays here a character that is not so much antipathetic, but extremely irritating. Each scene with Hutcherson only makes you root for Statham in his crusade even more.

So we can say with a clear conscience that “The Beekeeper” is the first big positive cinema surprise of 2024. Statham finally got the movie his fans deserved a long time ago. It is also a redemption of sins by Ayer and Wimmer. The former recently shot the disastrous “The Debt Collector“, and the latter had a hand in “The Expendables 4“. I’m glad that both filmmakers are finally back on form. We can only hope that they will keep it for a long time.

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