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The Bad Guardian (2024)

The Bad Guardian is an interesting thriller about a woman’s fight to save her father from an unjust and greedy court-appointed “guardian”. When Leigh’s (Melissa Joan Hart) dad Jason (Eric Pierpoint) falls while she is out of town, the courts give him a guardian, Janet (La La Anthony). Initially, Janet appears to be great for Jason but that doesn’t last long. She has legal control over every aspect of his life and quickly places him in a nursing home, auctions off his house, all worldly possessions stating the proceeds are needed for his care; then when Leigh keeps fighting against her efforts eventually uses her power as guardian to prevent them from being able to see him at all. Under Janet’s care his health declines until he needs a life saving treatment which she decides is too expensive. As whistleblowers around him start getting killed off Leigh finds strength within herself to take down not only this corrupt system but also anyone else involved with it who gets in her way.

Based on true stories.

The movie starts with nature shots. Lee (Melissa Joan Hart) is at a cabin with her husband and two kids. They leave because Lee’s dad isn’t answering any of her calls or messages.

When they get home they find Lee’s dads’ phone on the floor and blood everywhere. The whole house is dark, and the father is nowhere to be seen. His car and keys are still there, so they call the police. The police search for hours but couldn’t find anybody named Jason Davis in any local hospitals or anything like that kinda weird right? So Lee and family make MISSING signs like he’s a lost puppy?!

Turns out Jason was admitted into Shadyside Retirement Home after slipping and hitting his head says he called 911 himself said he had a concussion so I guess that part checks out but he tells Lee that they have put someone named Janet Timms (La La Anthony) as his temporary guardian and she won’t let him leave the home until a court order is in place or he gets rest. She says talk to the courts.

Lee works as a waitress and some guy at work blatantly hits on her while she’s on hold with the court but keeps getting transferred and hung up on so finally when she gets through they say that the case for permanent guardianship is in one hour.

During that hour at court, Janet Timms, has sworn statements from a medical professional saying that Jason Davis is mentally unfit to take care of himself. Lee can’t serve as guardian because she had a grand theft auto charge back when she was 18. So boom full-time custody granted to Janet Timms by judge or whatever

Her dad and his roommate take their prescribed medication then sneakily lift Jason’s medical report off of Janets desk.

Janet Timms holds an estate sale without telling Lee. She claims it is to pay for Jason’s care and that she always acts in his best interest. Lee grabs a Purple Heart medal and feels completely overwhelmed.

A nurse said that Janet Timms charges for everything. MJH is charged for phone calls or when he talks to MJH. She has multiple patients and makes a lot of money off of them. This person helps older adults whose families are neglecting them in her opinion.

Talking about neglect, Jason Davis is sedated after he looks at his medical record which causes a commotion. The nursing home is wearing him down so badly. MJH tells her dad about Janet selling the home and closing all his bank accounts.

MJH creates a serial killer board and puts together that Janet Timm steals money and uses family members (her brother is the realtor, for example) to make money off of guardianship. She goes to the news station and tries to get the anchor to cover the story but he tells her she needs more victims.

Cue montage of MJH talking to people around town. (Even in Spanish!) When Janet Timms gets word of MJH, she visits her at the diner and threatens to stop giving her father care because she will be too busy with other clients.

MJH goes deeper into finding out information and is run off the road for knowing too much. A hot cop doesn’t believe MJH but he is hot! The family has some real money issues and are no closer to exposing Janet Timms as the schemer she is than they were before. The news station takes it but doesn’t promise anything. MJH helps at the station, even interviewing the lead anchor! Putting it together does take away from time with her family though.

The nurse has to stop giving MJH updates on her father for fear she will lose her job. So, MJH sneaks into the nursing home to talk to him herself only to find out that Janet Timms has been ordering cheaper options like amputation instead of expensive unneeded procedures.. Now she’s arrested for trespassing and Jason Davis loses cellphone privileges.

Janet Timm has the nurse fired anyway by threatening to take all her clients to another facility. This is the final straw for the nurse who goes to the new station and spills everything she knows. Then, she is killed in a hit-and-run “accident.”

Jason Davis’s condition worsens and he and his roommate are drugged with sedatives so they sleep through the night. It kills his roommate.

MJH has to argue her case herself in front of the judge since she can’t afford a lawyer. She is hoping the news story will give her some momentum but they cancel it.

In court, the judge is so biased it isn’t even funny but luckily Melissa Joan Hart recorded a conversation she had with Janet Timms before going into court that is incriminating to herself AND the judge (it’s a good “gotcha” moment) MJH wins full custody of her father.

While leaving court, the press shouts questions at Janet Timms and her brother is arrested for the hit and run.

Melissa Joan Heart busts her father out of Shady Sides and throws him an 85th birthday party. The end!

Also On Putlocker.

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