The 5 Best Tween Movies To Stream right now

The-5 Best-Tween-Movies-To-Stream-right-now
The 5 Best Tween Movies To Stream right now
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Plumbum, or The Dangerous Game

Drama / USSR

Our Plumbum is the same superhero, because, as we remember, he does not feel pain. This helps him cope with criminals and generally emerge victorious from all fights with adults. But, as we remember, everything ends with a girl falling from the roof because insensitivity is not a panacea.

Lord of the Flies

2000 / Fantasy, Thriller, Action

The Japanese came up with an even crazier story based on Lord of the Flies. About how adults take teenagers to a desert island and force them to kill each other because this is the only way to somehow cope with teenage uncontrollability. Boys and girls armed to the teeth are happy to bathe in blood, and when The Hunger Games came out, they seemed like a pale and dim likeness of a Japanese parable.

Battle Royale (2000)

1964 / Comedy, Family film / USSR

We in the USSR also had our own “Royal Battle”. Based on the script by Semyon Lungin, Elem Klimov filmed a parable about the vices of Soviet society, embodied in the inhabitants of the pioneer camp, and this harsh social satire was only miraculously missed on the screens. Even today, it makes her uncomfortable.

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