The 5 Best Movie and TV Show Twists of All Time To Watch Now

The 5 Best Movie and TV Show Twists of All Time to watch now
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Miracolo a Milano

1951 / Comedy, Drama, Fantasy / Italy

On this film, we can safely assume that neorealism is over. For this ending, Vittorio de Sica was criticized by many Soviet critics, and not all Western critics were delighted. Because it was necessary to adhere to the harsh truth of life, to remain with their heroes in poverty and lawlessness, or to make a revolution. De Sica came up with Solomon’s solution, and it’s brilliant.


2009 / Comedy, Drama, Fantasy / France, Italy

Something in the same vein was done by François Ozon many years later. He, too, begins the film as if he had become an epigone of the Dardennes. And everyone approximately understands what the story of a poor family and a baby who has nothing to support can result. But it’s an Ozone movie, so it’s going to be very, very different.

Once Upon A Time, There Was A Woman

2011 / Drama, Historical film / Russia

Perhaps the best film about the Russian revolution was created in feature films. Andrey Smirnov brings the emotional load on the viewer (and the characters) to the limit when just a shot from the Aurora will not be enough. And he comes up with a metaphor of incredible clarity, which suddenly turns local history into a voluminous historiosophical statement.

I Also Want To

2012 / Drama, Crime / Russia

Alexei Balabanov’s last film was bound to contain something more than a hike of a few renegades to the Bell Tower of Happiness. But what the director had in store at the end, no one exactly expected. The audience in Venice was hysterical, and the Russian audience subsequently appreciated the virtuoso and ironic move of Alexei Oktyabri Novich.

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