The 5 Best Comedy Movies: The Funniest Films of All Time

The Funniest Films of All Time
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Arizona Junior

(1987) Comedy /Crime

Nicolas Cage and Holly Hunter respectively play a supermarket robber and a policewoman in the hit comedy, acclaimed at the 1987 Cannes Film Festival, directed by Joel and Ethan Coen. Herbert and Edwina fall in love and after his release from prison, they decide to become husband and wife. The newly weds move into a mobile home in the desert and Herbert takes a job in a machine shop.

Edwin discovers that she is sterile and her husband’s criminal record does not allow the couple to be able to adopt a child. Thus, husband and wife decide to kidnap the little baby of the wealthy family of merchant Nathan Arizona. So far so good. But things get complicated when, one night, her two former inmate friends arrive at Herbert’s house. Siblings Gale and Evelle Snoats realize, almost immediately, that little Arizona is precisely the missing baby for whom Nathan Arizona will offer $25,000 to whoever brings him home. Between daring races, unexpected events and rampant comedy, Arizona Junior is among the best films of all time according to the New York Times.

The Naked Gun: From the Files of Police Squad!

(1988) Comedy /Action

The Naked Gun is the first film in one of the funniest trilogies in American comedy cinema. The success was such as to lead to the release within a few years of Naked Gun 2½ – The Smell of Fear and Naked Gun 33⅓ – The Final Insult . The films are inspire a TV series conceives by the director. His brother Jerry and Jim Abrahams, creators of the already mentioned The craziest plane in the world . The film masterfully manages to mix the typical tones of comedy films with those of the crime genre, using verbal and visual gags and the slapstick technique to induce laughter in the viewer.

Leslie Nielsen plays Frank Drebin, a ditzy Los Angeles police lieutenant. He will find himself involved in an operation aimed at foiling a plot hatched by some powerful politicians against him Majesty of him, the Queen of England. An adventure with strong satirical traits, where Nielsen takes aim at the classic hard and pure “American film” hero. The film has a fast pace, the comic gimmicks follow each other in such a natural and constant way as to entertain the viewer flawlessly. In 2000, readers of the US magazine Total Film voted Naked Gun the 39th best comedy of all time.

See No Evil, Hear No Evil

(1989) Comedy /Crime

Don’t look at me I can’t hear you is a 1989 film directed by Arthur Hiller with Gene Wilder (Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory). Richard Pryor and Kevin Spacey. One of the must-see comedy films that delicately deals with a theme that is not always adequately addresse. Even in dramatic films. Disability doesn’t seem to hold back the two unleashed protagonists who, completing the other’s shortcomings, will finally be able to win it. A funny and light-hearted comedy completely out of the ordinary.

Dave Lyons (Wilder) is a quiet 40-year-old who runs a newsstand in New York City. The man is deaf and accepts as a partner Willy (Pryor) a completely blind black man. Although suffering from different disabilities, the two manage to get in tune and become great friends. The two, during a normal working day, will find themselves witnesses of a murder committed right in front of the newsstand. Dave does not hear the shot but manages to see the legs of a woman who is moving away, Willy for her part does not see the woman but smells the unmistakable Shalimar scent. The two through a daring sequence of events will find themselves investigating the crime, leaning on each other to complete their mission.

Ace Ventura: Pet Detective

(1994) Comedy

Inserting only one film starring Jim Carrey will seem a sacrilege to some, but since this list is not a monograph, our choice fell on Ace Ventura. “Pet Detective” was the film that delivered success into the hands of the multifaceted Canadian-born actor. As soon as it is releases in theaters it was panned by critics, receiving a Razzie Award nomination for “worst new actor”, but the public was not of the same opinion. The film was a great success in the United States and also in Italy. Over time assuming the role of a real cult. In Italy it can be affirmes without hesitation that part of the success of the film can be attributes to the dubbing of the late Tonino Accolla, who has in fact managed to convey all the nuances of the genius of Jim Carrey with skill .

The actor manages with his unique facial expressions and his proverbial irony to create a character outside the lines. A detective specialized in finding and recovering the most disparate animals. Ace Ventura’s character is somewhat bizarre and hyperactive . He does nothing but annoy others with his childish attitude, despite everything he is very skille in his job. He is tasks with finding the mascot of a football team: the dolphin Snowflake, kidnaped from the tank in which he keep . During the research, however, the case will be tings with darker colors, Ventura will in fact find himself investigating a real murder.


(1994) Comedy

Clerks is Kevin Smith ‘s debut feature and is considered his best film. A grotesque, politically incorrect comedy that stops at nothing, many social categories are targetes . It is make on a very low budget, considering the multimillion-dollar productions made in the last few decades. The film cost $27,575, and only half of the money was invested in filming and production, the rest was used to purchase the music for the soundtrack. The film is shoot entirely in black and white. In the same grocery store where Smith worked at the time, mostly at night and during closing hours.

The director worked during the day and shot at night, sleeping very few hours a day. The film introduces the characters of Jay & Silent Bob for the first time, who then get a film entirely dedicated to them. The film is divides into chapters and describes an atypical working day of Dante Hicks (Brian O’Halloran), employed at the Quick Stop Groceries grocery store. A colleague of the man asks Dante to replace him, the man accepts even though it was his day off. Arriving at the shop, he discovers that the padlocks on the shutters are now unusable because someone has stuck chewing gum inside them. This is only the first of a series of inconveniences and encounters that will put the protagonist’s patience to the test.

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