The 5 Best Comedy movies on Netflix Right Now

The 5 Best Comedy movies on Netflix Right Now
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The Band of Honest Man

(1956) Comedy / Romance

Totò and Peppino De Filippo , a partnership that in the middle of the last century made the fortunes of Italian comedy cinema. In the film, directed by Camillo Mastrocinque. Together with the third protagonist Giacomo Furia they manage to stage one of the best films of the couple. The career of “the prince of laughter” is studded with successes, more from the public than from critics but in the end this is what a film needs to enter the collective imagination. Over time, in fact, La banda degli onesti has rightfully entered the Pantheon of the best Italian comedy films.

Antonio Bonocore (Totò) is a humble porter in a Roman building. After learning that his job is at risk he decides to print ten thousand lire banknotes. He was given what was needed to make the money by a former mint engraver, but he lacks all the specific knowledge to do it. He therefore decides to involve two other inhabitants of the building: the typographer Giuseppe Lo Turco (De Filippo) and the painter Cardone (Furia). Leveraging on the economic needs of his cronies, he organizes stealthy nocturnal meetings to create an impromptu band of counterfeiters. A group of criminals too honest to defraud others; with a series of gags and hilarious jokes, the three will try to extricate themselves in a world that does not belong to them.

The Pink Panther

(1963) Comedy /Crime

Peter Sellers, an icon of world cinema, gives life to one of the best characterized characters in the panorama of comedy films: the clumsy Inspector Clouseau. Sellers received the proposal to participate in the film at the last minute. In fact he was not the first choice. Actor and director Edwards spent three days working on the character of Inspector French and managed in such a short time to define his strange speech and all the other peculiar characteristics of him. The film was so successful with critics and audiences that it gave rise to a long series of films . Centres on Clouseau, despite being born as a single work.

The Pink Panther is the name of a huge diamond owned by Princess Dala. The jewel attracts the attention of “the ghost”, ie the thief-gentleman Sir Lytton who follows her to Cortina D’Ampezzo; however, the clumsy and clumsy Inspector Clouseau is on her trail. The protagonist, capable of involuntarily triggering the most absurd situations, is accompanied by his wife, who is none other than Sir Lytton’s lover. An incredible series of tragicomic adventures will lead the inspector himself to be accused of the theft. Curiosity: the famous animated character of the same name. The Pink Panther,invented for the opening credits, which later became the protagonist of its own series of animated shorts.

Monty Python

(1975) Adventure /Comedy /Fantacy

In the late 1960s, four Brits, a Welshman and an American decided to work together. Said like this it seems like a cheap joke, instead it is the beginning of something sensational and revolutionary. Monty Python gave birth to one of the most prolific and entertaining groups ever, forever changing the world of comedy films. Acquired success with the television program Monty Python’s Flying Circus, the group decided to devote themselves to film production. They made four feature films, but the first one was just a compilation of their sketches. Choosing just one of their films is difficult, so the advice is to see them all.

Monty Python and the Holy Grail made in 1975, aims to parody the medieval world and the clichés that Hollywood had sewn on it. The signature of the motley crew of comedians is clear and evident, despite it being their “first” film. Brian of Nazareth (1979), using the stratagem of misunderstanding the film targets the religious world and its beliefs. At the center of the story is Brian, born at the same time and place as the Messiah. The Magi first of all fall victim to the quid pro quo and mistake one for the other.

These amusing episodes will accompany the boy throughout his life, until the end of his days. Monty Python – The meaning of life (1983) probably the most delusional, eccentric and entertaining film of the collective. A series of crazy sketches that target any category of society, from multinationals to religious. Their work was so appreciates that it won the Jury’s Special Grand Prix at the 36th Cannes Film Festival.

Young Frankenstein

(1974) Horror /Comedy

The film direct Mel Brooks was placed in 13th place in the ranking of the 100 best American comedies of all time. A film born from the mind of Gene Wilder, who in addition to playing the protagonist was in charge of the screenplay. Frankenstein Junior is a film that every lover of the genre should have seen, characterized by a comic vein. That remains unchanged over the years. It is says that working on that set was so much fun that Brooks and Wilder added more scenes to continue shooting.

The film represents a light-hearted parody of Mary Shelley’s novel and of the entire line of subsequent works that it had inspired. Shot in black and white, it takes up in particular the 1930s atmosphere of a famous film about Frankenstein’s monster, that of James Whale of 1931. Wilder plays dr. Frederick von Frankenstein, grandson of Victor von Frankenstein, “father” of the famous monster. The scientist who went to Romania to collect an inheritance will meet some of the most iconic characters of comic cinema: Igor, masterfully played by Marty Feldman, Inga and the mysterious Frau Blücher. Legendary jokes, irresistible gags and a fast pace will keep the viewer glued to the screen.

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