The 4 Best Action-Fantasy Movies To Watch Now

The 4 Best Action-Fantasy Movies To Watch Now
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Batman Begins

Christopher Nolan (2005)

Traumatized by his parent’s death, young Bruce Wayne undertakes physical and psychological training with his mentor to prepare for the fight against evil in Gotham City. This is the official synopsis of Batman Begins, the first chapter of the Dark Knight Trilogy directed by Christopher Nolan. Rather faithful to the comic and with a strong authorial imprint, Batman Begins is considered by many to be the best film of the Trilogy.

Christian Bale magnificently impersonates the hero still “information”, imperfect and deeply human. With an unforgettable soundtrack and photography that is a real plus, Batman Begins is one of the best must-see movies on Amazon Prime Video; a film that marked the history of the superhero genre by changing its direction forever.

The Murderer’s Promise

David Cronenberg (2007)

Another cinema master is present on the digital streaming platform: David Cronenberg. The Assassin’s Promise is a film directed by a Canadian director and written by Steven Knight, a director of films such as Locke or Serenity, in cinemas at this time. As the protagonist, we find Viggo Mortensen who plays the charismatic driver of Kirill, an unstable man and little appreciated by his father. For his part, Mortensen studied criminal tattoos for months thanks to a book and documentary shot in Russian prisons by Alix Lambert.

To cover Viggo Mortensen’s body in tattoos, Stephan Dupuis, the make-up artist, took more than four hours. The plot revolves around the death of a young, pregnant Russian woman. Through her diary, it will be discovered how the girl was dangerously involved with prostitution, crime, and the Russian mafia. The film is very raw and compelling; the message that emerges is a moral one. How distant is the world of crime from the so-called normal world?

Heat – The Challenge

Micheal Mann (1995)

Heat – The Challenge is a 1995 crime film written, directed, and produced by Michael Mann. In the cast, we find names like Robert De Niro, Al Pacino, and Val Kilmer. De Niro plays the role of Neil McCauley, a professional thief, while Al Pacino plays Vincent Hanna, a homicide and theft officer at the Los Angeles Police Department who is tracking Neil after a recent crime. The story is based on real events: in the 1960s, a Chicago agent named Chuck Adamson is on the trail of the criminal McCauley, the name given to the character played by De Niro.

Additionally, the film is a remake of a television show called You’re Alone, Agent Vincent, directed and conceived by director Michael Mann himself. The film is one of the best films of the American director and boasts the duo De Niro / Pacino, who in the film meet for the second time in their film career after The Godfather, where they were not able to act in the same scene.

Inglourious Basterds

Quentin Tarantino (2009)

A film by maestro Quentin Tarantino could not be missing from the list of the best Amazon Prime Video films. In this case, we’re talking about Inglourious Basterds, released in 2009, starring Brad Pitt, Michael Fassbender, Christoph Waltz, Eli Roth, Melanie Laurent, and Diane Kruger. The title of the film is a clear reference to Enzo Castellari’s “that cursed train,” which was released in America under the title Inglorious Bastards. The film is set in Nazi-occupied France during the years of World War II and tells the stories of a girl seeking revenge and a group of American soldiers of Jewish origin trying to assassinate Nazi leaders.

The film is one of the funniest and most beautiful of Quentin Tarantino’s, in which there are both memorable scenes for their intensity and drama as well as unforgettable comic scenes. As per tradition, the American director makes a small cameo in the film, or lends the “scalp,” which is cut by the group of “Bastards.”

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