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Sweet Girl 2021: Movie Review

Today we are reviewing the movie called Sweet Girl. This dramatic thriller is available on Netflix exclusively. It’s an hour and 50 minutes movie and has been rated as ‘R’. We are going to give you an overview in a brief.

We’ll point out things we liked and didn’t like. We are going to offer tips for parents themes worth talking about and even a movie recommendation that we think you’re going to really enjoy way more than this movie.

We will give you our grade at the end of the review.

Story: Sweet Girl

The story is about a devastated husband who vows to bring justice to the people responsible for his wife’s death while protecting the only family he has left his daughter as always.

This is a spoiler-free review so there were plenty of things that we liked about the movie first of all who doesn’t love Jason Momoa, he’s rough and tough and perfect for this action flick. He’s really the reason why most people watch the movie. He works very hard in this film and takes a beating to entertain us.


Jason Momoa also shows some emotional depth. Isabella Merced has played as his daughter and is adorable and actually pretty rough and tough herself.

Did you see her in the movie Dora? ‘Dora the Explorer and the Lost City Of Gold’. It was a cute movie but this film shows that Isabella Merced does a lot more than just be cute. Justin Bartha plays a millennial corporate hack which is a departure from his typical wisecracking sidekick character. We’ve always liked him.

Another character we’ve always liked and it’s been a long time since we’ve seen her is Amy Brennaman. The very first time we really noticed her was many years ago in the movie Casper. Did you ever see that one? Kids loved that movie and some would have watched it a million times which is probably why we remember her so well in that film. It’s good to see her again.

There’s a special thanks section in the movie credits that lists Kevin Ivanto and sadly he passed away several months before the film’s release. He had worked really hard on securing film venues in Allegheny County for the movie.

Fun Fact: Pittsburgh doesn’t have yellow cabs so one was specifically and specially designed for the taxi cab scenes in this movie.

Here is the list of things could have been better

  • The title was terrible and the song in the trailer doesn’t match the content of the movie either.
  • We loved twists in movies but the one that shows up in act three doesn’t quite work. Audiences are not buying it.
  • There’s clichéd story and even action scenes with all the predictable beats. There’s a moment where a fight scene is so poorly filmed that one can see Jason Momoa’s fist intentionally miss his mark and he’s supposed to miss his mark when they’re doing the action scene.

We know that they are not supposed to hit the other guy in real life but the filming angle is just really poorly presented so that you see that. It’s kind of crazy.

  • There are also some shaky cam moments which just make us dizzy and annoyed mostly. We don’t like them at all. There are a lot of very unrealistic scenes where you’re just going to roll your eyes and go.
  • There’s slow pacing with a lot of time gaps in the story like two years later 45 minutes late, we know it doesn’t say that but you know all these years that go by and the actors don’t age.

The dad Jake played by Jason Momoa makes some really dumb decisions in the movie. It’s as if his character has never watched a movie before that teaches you how to disappear and get revenge on the bad guys.

We learn a lot when we watch movies. Fans and critics alike did not like this film and on Netflix for distributing it. We felt like, we’ve been extremely spoiled with great movies that have kept us entertained and even at times inspired by Netflix and so it didn’t seem fair to rip all over Netflix.

They’ve worked very hard especially during the pandemic to keep us filled with movies and things and they’re not all going to be big blockbuster hits.

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We don’t want to completely rip on the movie because of that so let us give you some tips for parents.

Parental Advisory

Though there is lots of bloody violence with various weapons and hand-to-hand combat and you see a woman die of cancer. There’s lots of profanity including f-bombs and including f-bombs spoken by a young girl which always bothers us. Lots of destruction people in perilous situations

Movie Theme

Sweet Girl is an action thriller movie, there are some calm moments where people are just talking but there is some action too. The themes that are illustrated well in the movie are family, parenting and the example parents set for their kids and the very strong influence that they have on their life decisions, morals and values.

Other themes are sacrifice, death, mourning, revenge, corporate, secrets, power, and greed.

We always write down funny and interesting lines and there really were no funny lines because this is a pretty serious drama but an interesting line is one that’s spoken by Rachel Cooper who’s played by Isabella Merced.

She says, “As long as we’re together, we’re still a family”

Final Words: Sweet Girl

The Pulocker movie review grade we are giving this a C minus but before we conclude, let us give you a recommendation for another fantastic movie that we have loved for many years and it’s the Harrison Ford movie ‘The Fugitive.’

It’s well made such a great classic you’re really going to love it if you’ve never seen it before so be sure and check that out on Putlocker Website.

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