Subtly Excellent Films You May Have Missed

Subtly Excellent Films You May Have Missed
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The Finest Hours


Based on a true story set in 1952, And the Storm bursts into flames. A risky operation to rescue a tanker crew becomes the US Coast Guard’s most memorable example of bravery. Naturally, filmmakers had to take up the story sooner or later.  Two oil tankers at sea are wrecked during a storm. And if one of them manages to send out the SOS signal first and all forces are rushed to its rescue, the second one is rescued by a team of only four men.

Florence Foster Jenkins

Great Britain

There are several reasons why you should see this film. Well, firstly, and understandably so, to appreciate the performance of Meryl Streep, an actress who can bring both laughter and tears. And in this film too. Secondly, to look at least here at Hugh Grant, who we didn’t get to see in this year’s sequel to the Bridget Jones story. And thirdly, to see if the abundance of voiceless performers isn’t just the lot of our time. The film tells the story of Florence Foster Jenkins, an American pianist and singer in the early 20th century who had no ear or voice but considered herself a brilliant vocalist. Incidentally, Florence’s story was the basis for another film, Marguerite, which was released last year.

Captain Fantastic


Viggo Mortensen, an actor best known for his role in The Lord of the Rings, plays a father of six children who raises them in spartan conditions far from civilization in the woods. No, that does not mean that the children are there like wild monkeys. The father teaches them the sciences, trains their stamina, and teaches them how to survive in extreme conditions. Together they discuss books they’ve read, play musical instruments, etc. It seems like the perfect family, but it’s not that simple. And this “not simple” will become especially complicated when the children, together with their father, find themselves in town with their city relatives, and also face gadgets and social media. A film we think every parent worried about their child’s future and education should watch.

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