War of the Worlds

“The War of the Worlds is a classic science fiction movie, and when Steven Spielberg took up the filming, it was clear that another masterpiece awaits us. Plus, Tom Cruise in the lead role is a perfect combo. The movie really great – epic battle scenes, tense atmosphere, a unique look at the dystopian world with incomprehensible creatures.

However, the ending was too… simple. The alien was defeated thanks to the bacteria that other organisms are used to – seriously? And this is called the “epic ending”?

Signs (2002)

The plot is as follows: a family is living in the basement of its house because aliens attack Earth. film is great, but in the end, we know that the main weakness of the aliens … is simple water. This makes no sense for many reasons, primarily because the Earth is made up of 71% water. So this kind of clue was illogical.


It’s an incredibly funny and great movie that you want to watch more than once, just by missing the end of it. It’s funny to watch the adventures of the main characters, but in the end, it turns out that the end of the world has come. Civilizations have been destroyed, everything has returned to its origins, humanity exists again at the level of the Middle Ages.

It looked incredibly strange, given the way the heroes have passed.

10 Cloverfield Lane

This is an almost perfect film. Seriously, 90% of screen time is one of the most intense movie in the history of science-fiction cinema. Nevertheless, the finale ruins all the good things.

A.I. Artificial Intelligence

The ending of “Artificial Intelligence” is one of the most unusual in the history of cinema. Two thousand years later, the atmosphere of Earth is absolutely unsuitable for life, so it is inhabited by robots. otherwise the movie is stunning.

I am a legend

“I am a legend” is one of the best movie of Will Smith. it really turned out to be quite interesting. But for some reason, the writers were lazy to write a perfect ending – and this, as we know, can completely ruin the impression. Robert’s only goal is to find a cure for a virus that has engulfed the whole world. And he is sacrificing himself to save others.

The alternative ending of the movie turned out to be much more emotional and made us think about the usual notions of good and evil.

Wonder Woman

“Wonder Woman” is one of the best DC movies. Long-awaited adaptation of the classic series of comics, girl power, epic special effects – it would seem that this film has everything.

However, the last battle become a cult scene leaves much to be desired. The battle diverges from the rest of the film from the visual point of view.

Source code

In “Source Code” Captain Colter Stevens has to go through the same eight minutes over and over again, during which he tries to stop the catastrophe that happened on the railway tracks. It looks exciting and intense .

However, in the last minutes of the film, for some reason, the scriptwriters decided to make a new antagonist from another character, and it looked strange, illogical, and most importantly – not necessary at all.

THE Machinist

The movie is one of the best movie in the filmography of Christian Bale. You can watch his brilliant transformation with anxiety and admiration at the same time. The film itself is filled with strange and surrealistic events and images that make viewers think about what is real and what is not.

As a result, it turns out that all these strange phenomena are a manifestation of guilt that Trevor feels after the accident. The ending turned out to be controversial, and many thought it was disappointing.

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