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A universe of films, television series, and video games set a long time ago in a galaxy far, far from earth. The foundations for the world were laid by George Lucas. The universe was later expanded also by Lucas himself in a series of film sequels, prequels, and spin-offs, as well as other productions of Lucasfilm and Lucas Arts studios inspired by the original trilogy. The most popular representatives of the world are Luke Skywalker, Princess Leia, Han Solo, Darth Vader, Master Yoda, C-3PO, and R2-D2.

The “Star Wars” universe is a fictional galaxy with its planets (including Naboo, Hoth, Tatooine, Coruscant), star systems, and political history, in which the key periods are the rule of the so-called Galactic Republic (also known as the Old Republic), and then the Empire, which the Republic transformed into, and the New Republic (formed after the fall of the Empire).


The most important players in the military and political conflicts of this world are the Jedi Knights and the Sith (who embody the light and dark sides of the Force respectively), the Rebels (with the Resistance following in their tradition), the New Order formed after the fall of the Empire and the Trade Federation which operated during the time of the First Republic.

However, the galaxy is also populated by apolitical or neutral factions, such as the Bounty Hunters. The world is inhabited by various space races (including Ewoks, Gungans, Wookiees), robots are also common (including C-3PO, R2-D2, BB-8).

There are several films, series, and video games (as well as books and comics) that expand the world, expanding on stories known from the saga and also presenting characters, plots, places, and periods. The most important of these include feature films (“Star Wars: Episode 1”, “Solo: A Star Wars Story”), action series (“The Mandalorian”), animated series (“Star Wars: The Clone Wars”, “Star Wars: Rebels”) and video games (“Star Wars: Jedi Knight”, “Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic”, “Star Wars Battlefront”).

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