Some Little-Known Movies With Depth

Some Little-Known Movies With Depth
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France, 2016

The plot of this film is based on the true story of two clowns, Fruit and Chocolat. However, At the end of the 19th century in France, Mim Fruit is going through a difficult time in his career and dreams of inventing a concept that would help him make a triumphant return to the stage. Life itself gives him the idea when he wanders into a circus and finds a dark-skinned Raphael. Entertaining the crowd for a pittance as a cannibal savage. And then Fruit comes up with a number that brings him back to his former glory. Even the high society of Paris is willing to watch as a white exploiter beats up a black servant in public on stage.

A Man Called Ove

Sweden, 2015

strangers. There’s a special direction in contemporary European cinema that hasn’t yet been named. Because, let’s call them tragicomic stories about lonely, grumpy old men who find meaning in life through casual encounters with strangers. However, Uwe’s Second Life is just one of these. However, Uwe, in his seventh decade, is angry and discontented all the time, fighting with shopkeepers and neighbors, chasing dogs, and arguing with everybody. He’s fed up with a world without his wife, the victim of a disease. A rope on a hook instead of a chandelier in his house. But every time he puts a noose around his neck, something stops Uwe, helping him understand—it’s still too early to leave… A touching, sincere, sad film-about cultures and characters, about old people and children, about loneliness and family values… Yes, about everything.


South Korea, 2010

Poetry is a beautiful, deep, and unpretentious film that won Best Korean Film in 2010 and was admired at Cannes. The film’s protagonist, Mia, has three passions in life: a love of pretty clothes, flowers, and her grandson. Later, another one will be added to the list. Poetry and the desire to write at least one poem, and with it, the desire to see beauty in everything. She may look ridiculous to others. Her life is full of sorrows and disappointments but in her search for humanity, beauty, and peace. She seems to be a challenge to modern, indifferent society as if she is looking for light where even the tiniest trace of hope has gone out. Try to decipher her message and that of director Lee Chang-dong.

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