Silicon Valley Review

Silicon Valley Review

Silicon Valley is the most underrated tv show of all time. It is a gem. Everyone should watch this show. Silicon Valley has all the elements that you would want in a show. Humor, emotion, awkwardness, dark-comedy, intelligence, and excellent direction.

Why Silicon Valley is special

  • Cast

The cast is perfect. The main character of this show is Richard Hendriks. He is an awkward and brainy guy who develops a platform that can compress anything. Jared is the marketing guy, he is weird, funny, and loves Richard’s idea. Gilfoyle is a savage and a brilliant code who likes to roast Dinesh. Dinesh is also a coder and specializes in Java. Elrich is the asshole of the show. He is overconfident, irritating, and might be the most entertaining actor in this show. This show has other great characters like Gavin Belson, Monica, Jin, and Peter Gregory.

  • Story

The story of this show is quite simple. A coder develops a platform that can compress anything. His compression is literally the best in the market. How his idea develops into a startup and how he has to maintain and distribute the platform is the most interesting part of this show. 

  • Silicon Valley

This show is the closest you can get to Silicon Valley. The environment of the valley, the brilliant minds, failed coders, ambitious startups, companies like Facebook and Hooli, you can witness all of them in this show

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This show has six seasons. The first three seasons are an absolute delight. Season four, five, and six are also great but lack in some factors. You can watch this show on Putlocker for free. You will love this show. It is a refreshing, entertaining delight. The direction and cinematography of this show are also great. 

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