Should you watch Anime in English or Japanese

Should you watch Anime in English or Japanese

Anime is the new entertainment sensation. Anime is dark, cruel, exciting, funny, and violent. The best part about anime is that anything is possible. The facial expressions and the absolutely gorgeous animation that Hollywood is trying to achieve in their movies are easily developed in anime.

So if you have not started watching anime, then you are missing a lot of action and interesting plots. 

But this article is perfect for beginner anime fans. We will be discussing whether you should watch an anime in English or Japanese

Why You Should Watch Anime in Japanese

  • The original dubbing

The anime is made and dubbed in Japanese. The original dubbing perfectly synchronizes with the anime characters. So if you want to feel the emotions, screams, and intensity of the anime characters, then you should watch the anime in Japanese. Watch the first episode of Attack on titan in dub and then in subbed if you are confused. 

  • English Subtitles

Reading is better than listening. When you read your mind feeds the dialogues and conversations. Reading subtitles is the perfect option if you want to remember the storyline for a longer time. 

  • Japanese

Japanese is one of the most simple, clear, and beautiful languages in the world. If you have started anime then you must have acted and spoken the line of the characters in front of the mirror. Anime can really pursue you to learn Japanese. Learning Japanese will also boost your career.

  • Early Access

Since originally the anime is made in Japanese, so if you want to watch anime without having the fear of spoilers, then the Japanese dub is perfect for you. 

When you should watch an Anime in English

  1. When you are eating lunch or dinner, it is difficult to concentrate on the English subtitles and food simultaneously. So I would recommend changing the audio when you are having lunch unless you know Japanese.
  2. Some animes are actually good in English Dub. The Dub of Dragon Ball Z is far better than the Japanese version. 
  3. If you really want to keep things simple and just watching anime for timepass, then the English version should be best for you.

Winner: Japanese 

Despite the language difference, you should start watching anime. Putlocker offers anime for free in both languages. 

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