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Severus Snape – Teacher at Hogwarts, and for a short time the principle of the school. One of the most controversial characters from J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter series. On screen he was played by Alan Rickman.

Snape was the son of a muggle Tobias Snape, and the witch Eileen Prince. He was raised in poverty, which made him look forward to starting school at Hogwarts. He would often sneak out of the house and during one of his wanderings in the neighborhood he met Lily Evans (later Potter). He often watched her play with her sister Petunia. later they become friends, after some time he making her realize that she was a witch too later in Hogwarts Severus was assigned to Slytherin, Lily was placed in Gryffindor.

During his schooling, he became an enemy of James Potter and Sirius Black, who often made fun of him. The young Gryffindors became popular for their offbeat sense of humor, but they were exceptionally cruel to Severus (because of his hunched-over appearance greasy shoulder and length of his hair, his colour complexion, worn tattered clothes). Lily often come up for him, but their friendship came to a definite end when Severus started hanging out with people who supported blood purity.

He was a very capable student who developed his own skills, especially in potions. Many years later, Harry potter acquired his diary of notes, which contained many valuable tips and innovative spells. However, he was fascinated by black magic, which may have been due to jealousy or a sense of rejection. later snape joined the Death Eaters and at Voldemort‘s urging, applied for a position at the school. Dumbledore did not want him to teach Defence Against the Dark Arts, so he took up Potions.

Severus Snape Teaching

Shortly before the events in which Lily and James Potter were killed, the Dark Lord lost his powers, and Harry Potter became the only human to survive the deadly spell, Snape changed his front. He joined the Order of the Phoenix, pledging his undying allegiance to Dumbledore. He spied on the Death Eaters and did everything he could to prevent Voldemort from discovering the truth. He remained loyal to the school principal to the end so that he vowed to kill him to keep Draco Malfoy from doing so.

Snape overheard Sybill Trelawney‘s prophecy and begged the Dark Lord to save Lily because it turned out he had loved her all his life. When the Potters died, he felt guilty, so Dumbledore set him another task, which was to protect Harry. This was extremely difficult for Severus, as the young Potter physically reminded him too much of James, yet he wanted to do it for Lily, who had given her life for her son.

Snape was killed during the Battle of Hogwarts, when Voldemort wrongly believed he owned the Black Wand, which would allow him to put Harry to death once and for all.

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