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Sentinel (2024)

You know what? I love post-apocalyptic movies, and films like Last Sentinel are the reason why. There is no doubt in my mind that Last Sentinel deserves more recognition – it is a fantastic sci-fi movie. It has an interesting plot, great performances, and amazing visuals. The story follows a team of people who are stationed at an isolated rig in the middle of the sea waiting for their replacements to arrive. When I say “in the middle of the sea” I mean almost all over the Earth’s surface was covered with water after the great war. And yes, sometimes they lay it on thick with environmentalism but it’s not irritating yet. But that’s not what I want to talk about.

Last Sentinel is a slow-burning movie that does have some action scenes but mostly builds up tension throughout its runtime. If this isn’t your thing or you’re not feeling this kind of mood then don’t watch this flick you won’t like it. However, for someone like me who gets into these types of post-apocalyptic settings, Last Sentinel is a must-see film! The opening sequence alone was crafted beautifully showing us just how powerful the sea can be and how dangerous such an operation can get screwed up quickly if one isn’t careful enough while working on an oil platform surrounded by miles upon miles of nothingness except waves crashing against rocks somewhere below deck level or upper deck level depending upon tide stage at time when incident occurs causing said calamity.

I say “rig” but what they meant by saying that word is military fortification designed to look like a drilling rig so as not to attract attention from enemy submarines during World War II which were known to stalk shipping lanes pursuing targets silence until within striking distance then unleash hellfire upon unsuspecting victim before slipping back beneath waves again undetected like silent killer lurking dark alleyway waiting for prey stumble across path unwittingly thereby sealing fate forevermore on a fateful night filled with countless possibilities none which lead anything resembling happy ending for anyone involved except perhaps aforementioned silent hunter whose appetite remains unsated still to this very day.

There are two of them that are still functional after all these years, believe it or not. The setting itself provides the ultimate escapist experience, and the attention to detail is mind-blowing. For the most part, the movie’s inner logic is impeccable. Therefore, it only made sense that the characters would follow suit. Realistic and flawed as they were, their actions helped drive home just how desperate things had become. A world where everything you know is reduced to a metal box a box that’s falling apart little by little every day while being attacked from all sides by nature and an unseen enemy.

Last Sentinel differs from other post-apocalyptic movies by presenting us with a more controlled dystopia akin to Screamers’ universe; reducing grandiose slogans plastered over bleak cityscapes down into one grimy toilet stall scene does not disappoint either! Just a couple of years ago we got The Colony or Tides which looked very similar visually so I suggest checking those out if interested in more like this but with that European feel, only an Estonian director like Tanel Toom could deliver on such films so well.

In 2063 AD (after Arvo Part was born), there has been much change since the last century; namely how humans can’t destroy the environment anymore because the environment doesn’t exist, and neither do humans really outside two land masses constantly fighting each other in eternal conflict while rest lies beneath never-ending sea. Four men work at an oil rig off the coast somewhere they’re part military fortification part civilian research installation built during the second world war protect shipping lanes against german u-boats who often targeted convoys passing through the Thames estuary en route North Atlantic theater where many battles took place between royal navy allied forces against nazi germany before eventually leading onto invasion norway sweden Finland etcetera. The sentinel was supposed to be a short-term project, but they have been there for two years now.

Last Sentinel is a truly intense film that can do a lot with very few things. What I mean to say is, it’s amazing how every sound, camera movement or whatever else there may be – can create this kind of eerie atmosphere… an atmosphere that already is quite gloomy and dystopian. Every actor played their part perfectly; they did great. It’s just that I wish we could’ve known more about them but hey you can’t have everything right?

Same as the ending and it’s nearly two hours of running time. But still, an amazing movie Last Sentinel should not be missed out on by anyone! Also, three extremely underrated sci-fi flicks: Vesper, Gold, and Final Voyage. And if you’re into rigs in the middle of the ocean then definitely check out Sector 7.

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