“Scream VII” Without Ortega And Barrera. What About The Rest Of The Cast? Jasmin Savoy Brown On Her Chances Of Returning To The Series

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“Scream VII” Without Ortega And Barrera

We know that stars Jenna Ortega and Melissa Barrera will not return in the seventh part of “Scream” . Director Christopher Landon also resigned from the project. What about the rest of the cast? Jasmin Savoy Brown– who starred in the last two installments- revealed what she knows about her future in the series.

Will any of the four main characters return in “Scream VII”?

Known, among others, from the series “Left Behind” and “Yellowjackets” Jasmin Savoy Brown appeared in “Scream” (2022) and “Scream VI” (2023), playing the role of Mindy Meeks-Martin. Her character survived the encounter with Ghostface twice, and it was expected that the actress would return in the seventh installment of the series. Currently, however, the future of the film is a mystery.

In a recent interview, Brown said she’s happy with her contributions to “Scream”: Everything the four of us have done is great, and we should forever be happy about it. I’m glad we were able to capture it on screen. I’m proud that we have four people of color in this world.

The actress was also asked about the chances of her returning to the role of Mindy. However, the answer will not please her fans. Nobody called me, so if you want, you can ask the Spyglass studio, Brown said .

Great success and great drama. What’s next for the “Scream” series?

“Scream VII” was intended as the last part of the trilogy about the adventures of the Carpenter sisters. The problem was that both Ortega and Barrera were only signed to appear in two films, so another contract was needed.

Barrera signed a new contract. However, when the country began retaliatory action after the Hamas attack on Israel, the actress did not spare harsh words. The studio decided that her media statements spread anti-Semitism and constituted hate speech, so they fired her.

In Ortega’s case , it was about money. The actress, who can now choose from attractive offers, demanded a salary one zero more than the one she received for her previous films. This was a deliberately prohibitive offer because Ortega was not keen on returning to the series and knew that Spyglass would not want to make money (the studio had previously rejected Neve Campbell‘s financial demands and therefore Sidney did not return to the series). The actress’ predictions came true. Spyglass decided not to renew her contract.

In December, it was revealed that director Christopher Landon had also parted ways with the film.

“It was a dream job that turned into a nightmare,Landon wrote on Twitter. Recall that when the news broke that Barrera had been fired, Landon did not hide his frustration and the fact that the decision was made without consulting him. It is not known yet

What “Scream VII” will be about in such conditions?

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