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Lionsgate has officially confirmed which was obvious to all fans of the “Saw” series. ” Saw X” is not the last film in the series. There will be an eleventh part.

“Saw XI” in cinemas in 2024

Unfortunately, there is only one certain thing at the moment: release date. Lionsgate, confirming work on “Saw XI“, also revealed the release date using Roman numerals:

Saw XI Release Date

This means September 27, 2024 .

We don’t know who will be behind the camera. It’s also unclear whether Tobin Bell will return as Kramer. Let us remind you that the character in the series is dead, but “Saw X” took place between the first and second parts, which can make the actor’s return.

However, “Saw XI” is not a surprise. Even before the premiere of the tenth part, producers Mark Burg and Oren Koules revealed that they were working on the next part of the series.

“Saw X”. The Untold Adventures of John Kramer

The action of the tenth part of series will take place between the events known from the films ” Saw” and “Saw II“.

John Kramer (played by Tobin Bell), goes to Mexico. There he is to undergo an experimental and very risky medical procedure. He hopes for a miraculous cure from cancer.

Once there, he discovers that the entire operation is big fraud. However, this time the scythe hit the stone. Kramer will quickly turn the situation around and prepare a bloody school for them.

Trailer Of “Saw X”

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